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One reason is so they can learn how to write properly.

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so that they will lern and will be strong when they grow up

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Q: Why do parents and teachers pressurise children?
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Who influences children more-parents or teachers?

Parents - or in the absence of parents, other adults acting as carers for a child - have the major influence on children.

Parents are responsible for the morality of their childrens or teachers?

Parents teach their children on how to behave.

How did Quakers get educated?

Parents taught children or private teachers taught them.

Should there be more careful monitoring of children's work by parents and teachers?

Yes. Parents should be mindful of what's happening to their children even with school works. They have to work hand in hand with the children's teachers so as to give proper guidance to their children. The most successful children are always those who have parents that give their time to them.

How did children in New Hampshire Learn?

By paying attention to their teachers, peers and parents

What are Islamic punishments for children if they don't do their Islamic studies?

Children are treated the same way when they don't obey their parents or their teachers or when they do something wrong. Children should be treated kindly and with love. In the mean time, the parents and teachers should follow the right ways, that are suitable to children age, to raise children properly and righteously.

How do we develop morals and values?

Children observe every aspect of their parents as well as the values and morals they honor and conduct themselves accordingly. This is learned and followed by the children.

Has the teaching profession lost its nobility?

Teachers are no longer respected by children, parents, politicians, etc

Where do children first learn about God?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe first teachers, and those with the greatest responsibility for children, are the parents. Parents first responsibility before God is to raise their children with a knowledge and love of God.

What has the author Margaret Harding Sears written?

Margaret Harding Sears has written: 'Intellectual and creative talents in young children as perceived by teachers, teacher aides and parents' -- subject(s): Gifted children, Teachers of gifted children, Creative ability in children

How much does a homeschool teacher earn?

Usually nothing. Homeschool teachers are usually the parents of the children they teach. They recieve no compensation for teaching their own children. Some parents choose to hire a tutor or teacher to educate their child at home. These independent teachers can set their own rates and what they charge will vary widely. Some parents participate in online public schools, where teachers are provided by the state or school district and students do their work from home. These teachers are paid the same as teachers in the local district schools.

Why are teachers better than lawyer?

For me, Teachers are better than lawyers. It is because Teachers teaches children and they had a big role as the second parents of their pupils. It is hard to teach most especially the naughty children. as a summary, Without teachers, There is No lawyers.