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Why do people abuse pets?

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I think people abuse their pets because they feel out powered by others or they feel not in charge/ control so they take their anger out on the pet because it will not fight back or yell help.

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How many people bye pets to abuse them?

About 1 out of 50 I think. Anyway, I think it's so cruel that people abuse pets.

Why do people like to abuse pit bulls?

Because they are mean people and I think its wrong so don't abuse pets

What do most pet owners expect of their pets?

people usually give their pets sexual abuse and many different kind of abuse :( But what i am going to tell you is wrong so byee

How are pets abused?

People beat their pets for ammusement. And if you go to and then click on pets and some thing will come up like how to care for your pet. Click on why do people abuse pets. it will tell you everything.

What happens to people who abuse their pets?

either they can go to jail for pet abusethey can get sewed but people who own the pet storeor the can get pressed chargesthey can go to jail as said but they can get there pets taking away and the pets will get in a sheltor homethose dogs will have a better life and owners who will care for them and love them

What is your thought on anmial abuse?

My thought on animal abuse is that it is wrong. It is cruel and morally wrong. Some people treat their pets like family, that is fine, but then there are people who beat their pets for the smallest thing or even for fun. That would be the same thing as child abuse. Do people think it is ok to starve or beat a child? No, so i believe that it is not ok to beat/abuse an animal.

Why do people neglect and abuse animals?

People abuse animals because they care about them selfs. They dont care about anything else they thing that pets are toys they can just destroy them. Stupid people

How many pets are saved from pet abuse?

More than 1,000,000 pets have been saved from pet abuse

Do animals or people have more abuse and neglect?

Pets do, even thou alot of people are abused, just hityting a dog or a cat counts as abusement, so therefore pets do

How many pets are you allowed in Ontario Canada?

The law in Ontario protects pets from abuse, so as long as you take good care of them, you can have as many pets as you like. The main problem with people who have too many pets is that the pets often are not well cared for.

Who is most likely to abuse a animal?

unfortunately, people who live in bad areas who don't have time to look after there pets. another reason people abuse animals is on accident or they are taking their own stress out on there animals.

When people are mad why do they abuse animals?

they abuse their animals because they don't want to hurt themselfs so they hurt things around them like their pets,kids and other things!

Is it wrong to own pets?

No, it is wrong to abuse or neglect them.

What are some Domestic Cat enemies?

Dogs are one of cat's major threats, as well as people who abuse and neglect their pets.

Should people go to jail when they abuse or abandon their pets?

my answer is yes, no animal should be abused in any kind of way.

How can a person abuse their pets?

they obviously just don't care. It truly disturbs me but obviously people just don't care since over 100,000,000,000 dogs die a year from abuse.

Why do pets get abuse?

Because there owners are sick jerks. Abused* Why do pets get abused? Sorry for the constructive criticism.^^

How many people abuse their pets?

every 10 seconds an animal is abused or abandond. nobody should abuse there pets that's just cruel and if you do you should stop immediately because it is against the law. people abuse animals cause theyre bored jobless and lazy! Maxiegrl: many times a parent who is abusive will kill or threaten to kill the household pet to intimidate the family members into sexual abuse, to make the children remain quite about previous or current abuse,or to psychologically torture the victoms, also to flex their "powers".

How many people in the world have pets and aren't abused?

no one really knows and u shoulden't abuse your pets especially dogs they protect you and cats are liitle and skinny some of em are fat but you shoulden't,shoulden;t abuse your pets :) THATS WRONG PEOPLE SHOUL'D GO TO JAIL AND I HEARD IN NEW YORK THEY STOPPED SALING DOGS BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE ABUSING THEM AND YES THERE GOING SLOWLY BY SLOWLY AND SOON THEY WILL STOP SALING DOGS IN CALIFORNIA

Why do people abuse seroquel?

why do people abuse seroquel?

Do people who abuse their pets spend 3 months in jail?

I believe it depends on the level of abuse that the animals sustained. I am certain that someone can serve significant jail time for animal abuse, possibly even longer than 3 months, again depending on the specific crime.

Why do people want to abuse animals?

People abuse animals for many reasons. Here are some of them: People with sick minds get animals and abuse them for entertainment. People abuse animals because they have some kind of childhood abuse, so they abuse things that are smaller than them.

When pets are abused what kind of abuse do the owners do to them?

err... we dont really know

How do you use abuse in a sentence?

some people abuse little kids and they also take people from a school and abuse them

How many people are happy with pets than without pets?

Out of all the people who has pets, 70% of the people love living with pets and 30% don't.

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