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Q: Why do people believe in Baha'i?
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What do the Bahai believe in?

they believe in magic and their are bahai in barbados all over the parishes you can only find in a secret passage way in under ground they have a rock with ablack mark on it they will give you magic only icf you believe in grass.

Why do people get killed when trying to get out of the Bahai religion?

because the bahai religion is afraid that there are secrets that getting told to the outsideworld

What is the place where Baha'i people worship called?

A dedicated Bahai place of worship is called either - a Bahai temple or - a Bahai house of worship,or - a Mashriqu'l-Adhkar, which means, the place where the remembrace of God rises (the English equivalent would be, oratory).

Do the bahai believe that Jesus is nthe son of GOD?

The Baha'i believe that the Lord Jesus Is a Manifestation Of God. They believe the same regarding Muhammad & their own prophet Bahu-llah.

How many people are bahai?

Probably somewhere around 7 million worldwide, as of 2012.

What are the people called who follow the faith of bahai?

Bahá'ís, which means "followers of the Glory [of God]."

What kind of code does bahai faith use?

The Bahai Faith does not use any code in its scriptures, which everyone is encouraged to read for themselves. See the Bahai Reference Library for a good selection of Bahai scriptures, all for free. The Bahai community today also does not use codes, secret handshakes, etc..

Is bahai monotheistic?


What has the author Kathryn Jewett Hogenson written?

Kathryn Jewett Hogenson has written: 'Lighting the Western sky' -- subject(s): History, Bahai Faith, Bahai pilgrims and pilgrimages 'Lighting the Western sky' -- subject(s): History, Bahai Faith, Bahai pilgrims and pilgrimages

What is a baha'i church called?

A Bahai place of worship is called: 1) a Bahai house of worship, 2) a Bahai temple or 3) a Mashriqu'l-adhkar These are three different names for the same thing.

What does Bahai mean in Hindi?


How many bahai worldwide?

About 5,000,000.

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