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to aet and it is really good

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Q: Why do people buy African food?
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Where can you buy African mango extract?

You can buy African mango extract at some of the major health food stores. You can also purchase it online at

Why are African people suffering from starvation?

Because many Africans do not have the means necessary to provide their own food, are too poor to buy food and their governments don't have the resources to provide food for them, or help them in anyway. And some governments don't care that their people are starving.

Are elephants eating the African people food?

A Narwhal CORRECT ANSWER: Tree bark is the African elephant's favorite food.

What can be found in Africa?

Anything African. Animals, people, and food. :)

Did African Americans eat the same food as white people?

I think they did, but if they had parties with other African Americans the probably ate African food Yes they do. They just season their foods differently.

How does Pakistan get food?

They grow it. Well most people do but if they do they buy it from people that do grow food.

What did African people eat in 1800?

Chickens and crops. They flavoured the food with spices

What do African peopel eat?

They eat regular food, but it is different from the type of food people in us eat.some of the food are:pounded yamfufoEbariceplantain

Where can I buy African Mango Extract?

You can purchase African Mango Extract in most large scale grocery stores and smaller health food stores. If you cannot find it there you can purchase it from an online health food outlet, such as

How do you buy food on YoVille?

People give you gifts and some of the gifts are food.

Do Zimbabwe people grow their own food?

Yes, many of them have to as it is very expensive to buy food.

Should People be aloud to buy junk food from food stamps?

I think people should be allowed to buy what they want on food stamps...I know you can't buy preparerd food or anything like that. But chips and candy yes, they may have children and they should be able to buy that for them... They should buy healthy food also, but kids like to have cookies and candy sometimes too...