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Why do people cut themselves?


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There are many reasons why people cut themselves. The most general reason (outside of culture and subculture) is to gain control over their emotions. If something has happened to the person and they cannot understand and decipher their feelings they may cut so that they can control the pain (physical). They may also do this to alleviate emotional pain after a death or break-up or something along those lines. People also cut themselves because they feel stressed or depressed and they feel cutting is a way to release their pain or anger. However, it does not help, and only makes things worse.


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No, sane people with no mental problems do not want to cut themselves.

only some gothics harm themselves only some emo cut themselves

First people DO NOT CUT THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY ARE EMO. Don't believe all emos cut themselves just because its what real emos do, because its wrong. People cut themselves for multiple reasons 1.Bullying 2.they think hurting themselves will make things right problems 4.people problems (relationships, etc.) 5.they like to (sadly)

it all depends on who it is

no not just emos but the word is suicidal people that cut themself is called suicidal.

its gothic not just cutting other harms and emos only some cut themselves.

People who are called cutters are people who cut themselves.

Many people may say so, but not all emo people cut themselves.

becausethat macks them happy

No, you dont have to be emo to cut yourself. Loads of people cut themselves without being emo.

no, EMO people DO NOT cut themselves everyday. In fact, some EMO's dont cut at all. EMO si short for Emotional. that doesn't mean that they all cut. it is also a genre of music and a fashon style.

yeah thay do not always but enyone can

Some do. But not all.It's stereotyping emos to say that they all do. Just because some people don't know what emos are, and they just assume they all do. But some do cut themselves. It's up to them do decide if they want to cut themselves or not.

Why do people think its emo to cut. Look true emos dont cut, people who do cut have more deeper problems than emos. But to answer your question arms or legs near the croch.

People cut because they need relief from their situation. Self-harm is a way to "cope" for a lot of people. They feel bad about themselves, so they try to cause themselves pain. People cut because they may feel rejected, sad, angry, lonely, etc. and they don't know of another way to get help. Sometimes people cut because they don't want to die, but they want to make themselves feel pain. People who cut usually don't know how to find other ways to cope (like talking to someone or distracting themselves), and they're sometimes afraid of asking for help (for the sake of being called a nasty name). People cut for a variety of reasons and it's very serious. If you cut or you know someone who cuts, urge them to get help and stop.

because emo's wear dark clothes and listen to emotional music but that's wrong. more "normal" people cut themselves than emos

Because they don't want themselves waist high in grass.

Ok emos usually cut themselves when they are not feeling good. Maybe when they are sad or mad or maybe even when they have no one to talk to. Some emos do cut themselves for attention. But anyways they usually cut themselves when they have really difficult problems. Because usually when people see emos they really dont feel like being their friend. And sometimes emos do feel alone.

Not all emos cut themselves; only some of them do. If they do it's usually because they have some problems they cannot deal with internally so they self injure themselves. They do this to relieve either pain, stress, or something that they cannot tell other people. They're aren't called emo's. Emo is a style of clothing and music. people with issues or are suffering from depression and/or anger cut.

people can get injured a cut themselves if they rub to hard on the floors

they used knives to cut the skin to put the ink inside the people.

No! People think emos have to cut themselves to be emo, but that's not true! Don't cut yourself! If you do, talk to someone about it, because it's very dangerous and addictive!

well i cut myself and i done it with a broken mirror but i dont like that i done it but i did 2 times and it did feel good i can always say that

AnswerEmos: They may cut or not depending on their level of sadness, they all don't have to cut to be emo just emotional,being a little sad is elemental to being emo perhaps with some level of the fashion sense and/or music taste and the rest.Cutters: People that want to cut themselves; these people want to kill themselves.Emo Cutters: Emo people that cut.- Then again Cutting is a depression issue and ranges across all other social groups and not just this sub culture. (Thought I'd just add this in - Sky Jenson)Indies: People with the emo fashion sense, music taste etc. but are not depressed and can be seen smiling or happy with life. THEY DO NOT CUTPosers: There are different types of posers,1. Wanna be emos that cut because they really want to be emo ,extreme posers2. Kids that are basically indie but call themselves emo or do not know they are Indie.

Some people cut themselves, but that is a dangerous and self destructive behavior. Frankly, you'll probably get cut at some point without even trying, and it will probably happen somewhat quickly.

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