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To gather scientific data from the crater that could help scientist predict when a Volcano will erupt and get the word out sooner.

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volcanologists use robots to explore volcanoes from a safe distance, so that it would be able to know when the volcano erupted. YAYYY I like volcanoes!!!!!

Robots - they have built-in camera's that help people see what is inside a volcano

People survive volcanoes by getting away from them while the volcanoes are erupting.

We humans are interested in all aspects of the world in which we live, including volcanoes. Also to find out whether it is active or dormant and to predict when it will erupt.

ROPOS is a Canadian submersible that explores underwater volcanoes. It can collect samples, take videos, and take pictures.

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scientists use camras and coolness daniel

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They don't the earth makes volcanoes

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well... volcanoes melt people from the hotness. so there's your answer!

Yes. Many people live next to volcanoes.

you people think there are about 1000 volcanoes .

No. Volcanoes are not alive. They do not eat. Volcanic eruptions, though, can kill people.

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if people are asking why there aren't any volcanoes in the UK then obviously that means there AREN'T ANY VOLCANOES IN THE UK! use your brains people.

Because they live near volcanoes - the soil around volcanoes is very fertile.

Most people know that volcanoes are dangerous, and it's true. But why do people still live near volcanoes? Some people live near volcanoes because of the ash it produces. Ash is good fertilizer for the soil and crops. Also volcanoes can create new land.

The people who visit volcanoes are called volcanologists. Or Tourists.

why are houses not near volcanoes

There has ben maybe 150,000 people dead from shield volcanoes.

People in volcanoes may die and will lose their homes/land when the Volcano erupts.

People explore today because they enjoy traveling and seeing different locations. They may explore to find special objects as well.

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