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to keep them trimmed and healthy looking

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It cost around $20-40 for buying a tweezers that can use for plucking eyebrows.

No it is a fact that plucked hairs will grow back finer. Older women always complain about this because of years of plucking, their eyebrows are a lot finer than they would like them to be.

Mona Lisa's does have eyebrows if you look in a microscope you will see them. They also say that it was the custom at the time that women plucked their hairs of their eyebrows.

Everyone's body is different, so wait and see! If you're serious about it wax your eyebrows or just keep plucking.

Yes they have eyebrows.

i have been plucking my eyebrows for awhile and they have always grown back the same. im also in cosmetology so i do know that removing hair from you body such as plucking your eyebrows or shaving your arms, cannot change your texture or color of hair.

I can now annouce the amount of eye-brows fluufy is: ... ONE!and that one person is you! congraz! go get the plucked!

If you have been plucking them, then of course they will get thicker when you allow the previously plucked hairs to grow out. But if you haven't plucked them before then they won't get thicker if you don't pluck them. The number of hairs that you CAN have came with you from birth, and will not be affected by plucking or not.

No it doesn't hurt. It's over in 10 seconds. Hurts 10 times less than getting them plucked

Eyebrow makeup up is where people fill in the brows brow's making them more shaped and neater. A lot of people get there eyebrows waxed or plucked which they do to neaten them off and have them perfected. Another option is to have HD brows which is when you have them died and it last a lot longer

Thick eyebrows are not ugly. According to most people associating with beauty, thick eyebrows have been picked for most gorgeous. And something else...who would want their eyebrows to be a line? I am one of those people who wouldn't.

They were being plucked. It's an Indian way of doing it. Meant to be totally painless and last longer than plucking with tweezers.

They can and do. Simply quit plucking, try a micro razor for tidying up the line. It generally takes about 4 months for eyebrows to fully grow back.

You had it correct - eyebrows.

yes because people might shave or wax them

It takes about six to eight weeks to grow eyebrow hairs. If you plucked or waxed a full section, the hair might never be the same and probably will not grow back. Or, if you repeatedly plucked the same hair, but now you want that hair to grow back, it will probably never grow back. Hope this helped!!!

Depends on where the hair is, Eyebrows are best plucked or waxed. Random unwanted dark hair on the face on stomach can be plucked (or even bleached). Don't shave unwanted hair if it is on the face, you won't grow more hair (even though people say you do) but it will most likely grow but coarser and darker. Simply plucking is better from small areas, ingrown hairs, or random stray hairs.

Who knows? My guess would be that he doesn't pluck them himself, but when he has a photo shoot for publicity photos and so forth, he probably has professional makeup and hair people help him, and he might get a little bit plucked then. Al's not a real vain kind of guy.

Some people use clear mascara on their eyebrows because it is a clear gel that can be applied to the eyebrows with a brush to tame them. It is also great for the eyelashes to put as a sealant over your mascara to stop it from smudging.

Of course! Surprised is an emotion not a body part. Even without eyebrows showing the surprise, you can still be surprised.

if you've plucked the too thin it takes them around 1-2months to grow back to their natural state, be prepared for it too look a little wierd while their growing though

Because people have eyebrows, and he wanted to make his paintings real, not like something out of a Science Fiction movie.

He plucked the strings of his guitar with his nimble fingers. My mother plucked some flowers off the bush.

The trait of big eyebrows lasts only for 9 years at max. The people with big eyebrows have certain mutation in a gene that soon corrects itself. Sincerely, Dr. Jackton Gene Scientist

No, over plucked eyebrows are never a good idea. You will have problems when you ant to grow them back. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can use a white pencil on your waterline.

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