Why do people get their GED?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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People will usually get their GED when they have been homeschooled all their life. Or dropped out of high school... or simply, people who take their GED usually have not gotten a high school diploma. The GED score will replace the diploma and can get said person into College.

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People usually get their GED if they did not graduate high school... the score kind of replaces your high school diploma...

People also take it when they have been homeschooled and want to get into College. It proves that they have been learning and are at the right level to enter College.

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Q: Why do people get their GED?
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Can one earn a GED in the National Guard?

A GED or High School diploma is required to enlist. At one time, many people (including me) DID earn their GED while serving in the military.

Do most people have good luck with GED?

The GED is not based on luck AT ALL. I was a GED teacher for 11 years. Some people pass easily, but many people have to prepare for the test over and over. A few people never make it. That's the truth. The only way to know how well you will do is to take a pretest beforehand. Go to the library and get a GED prep book. Take the tests in it. Then you'll know where you stand.

What is a GED online test?

GED online testing is testing that was designed for people who did not graduate from high school. The GED online test will provide you with a High School equivalence upon successful completion.

Where are schools in my area to obtain my GED ?

I would speak with someone from your local public school. They should know the right people to get you your GED.

Has anyone taken the ged test 2014?

Yes, there have been thousands of people in the US to take the GED test in 2014. To find a GED testing center you, contact your local Adult Education Center.

Does Louisiana state university except people with a GED?

yes they do

Do fast food restaurants hire people without GED?


Do you have to have a GED to go to Cosmo School?

in that case. you really don't have to get GED because there is allots of people really don't care about it and they don't even give a care. There are allots of university that asks for GED so in both ways you need to have it or not have it.

in kentucky can you get in the marine's with a ged?

The Marine Corps limits enlistments of people with GED's to more than 5 percent per year, and you need a minimum score of 50 on the AFQT test if you have a GED. Your local recruiter will have more information.

What GED classes do I need to take?

The test is named the same way. It is called a GED test. This GED test is composed of five separate test sections dealing with writing, social studies, science, language arts reading, and math.

Is the GED test available in foreign languages for people who do not speak English?

Yes, the GED test is available in foreign languages for people who do not speak English. For example it is also available in Spanish and French. It is also available in braille.

Can I get a job at Verizon with a GED?

Yes you can get a job at Verizon's with a GED. Some qualifications are, you would need to have excellent people skills, very good at answering phones and receiving messages.