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Because it is a good, sunny place and some people like that.

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What do people go to your City to see Miami Florida?

people go to Florida because its hot (: xx

Where do people mostly visit in Florida?

they usally go to disney world when they go to florida or the beach

Why should my family go to Florida?

people should go to Florida because of the beaches in Miami and shopping

Do people in Florida cook their own food or do they just go out to eat at a restaurant?

People in Florida just go out to eat at a restaurant. People in Illinois, however, cook their own food and never go out to restaurants. Can I answer any other questions about all the people in a particular state?

Which is best Disneyland Florida or Paris?

it is Florida because if you don't know french you might as well go to Florida also you might meet a celebrity so Florida plus if you go to Paris people eat snails so don't want be around people who eat snails do you

Where do many people live in Florida?

panama city i now because i live in florida and i go there all the time

How many high school students go to college in Florida?

They have about 10000 people in Florida in all different schools x

Why is the Atlantic Ocean important to Florida?

the Atlantic ocean is important to Florida because lots of people go fishing there a lot

How many of the people that go to University of central Florida are Floridian?

i dont know -_-

How many people in Florida have aids?

how many people have aids in Florida how many people have aids in Florida

Why do people in Florida need air conditioners?

People in Florida need air conditioners because at times it gets to hot in Florida and they need to cool down, but it's to hot outside to go in the pool, or they don't know how to swim.

Can most people go from Florida to New York Christmas Eve morning?


How do crops in Florida help people?

Oranges have vitiam C Go vitiam C

Are there more people in Florida or Georgia?

More people in Florida.

How is New York and Florida the same?

They both have a reason for people to live and go there because Florida has Disney World and New York has the statue of liberty.

Where do you go to register for work in Florida?


What are people in Florida called?

People who live in Florida are called Floridians.

Why did people first decide to settle in Florida?

Why did people settle in Florida

Why are there so many pythons in the Florida Keys?

Because people are letting them go and they are breeding rapidly.

How was Florida created?

It was created by the people long a go in 1123 when they died the land was done thanks to them

Has any one been to Florida is there anything fun to do there?

yes there is fun things to do in Florida because they have the beach and things like that. and there has been people there people live there and i bet they go to the beach every day they can

How did people name the counties in Florida?

Florida names their counties after natural resources and people who have influenced the development of Florida.

Is Florida dangerous?

Not really, it depends on where you go in Florida.

What rank is Florida at for oranges?

Go to

What type of people live in Florida?

The Most Kicken People Live In Florida...

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