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Because they have turned away from God.

From what I have seen and heard, there are a thousand and one reasons why you can be sent to Hell. Most of them you aren't told about until it is too late. If you choose to believe in this with nothing to support it, that is your choice. If you look at all the loop holes, you simply cannot win at this game. From what I hear, you can live a perfect life, never hurt or harm anyone in any way, do everything letter perfect and if you don't bow down to JZ or take His name in vain, your done for. No one can manage to be that good all the time.

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Do divorced people go to hell?

In my religious belief we do not think that divorced people go to hell.

Do fat people go to hell?


Where do people go when they die people die?

In what I believe is you either go to heaven or hell

Were did the saying hell no we won't go come from?

From people in tales talking about hell (inferno).

Will Miley Cyrus go to heaven or hell when she dies?

Nobody knows!! But bad people will go to hell,and she's bad...hmmm... i think hell :P :P

Does god say gay people will go to hell?

No. People say that.

Why is Hell pain?

Because God says that people that reject God have pain and go to Hell.

Will you go to hell for luring people on runescape?

Yes. :O

Why do people want to go to hell?

May be weather is warm .

Why gay people going to hell if they believe and trust in god?

i think that gay people go to hell because there doing something not right in there life but i don't necessary think they will go to hell but i think that they will be given a new chance in life.

Is the Greek underworld hell?

No the Greek underworld is not hell because it has a certain place where the souls of good people go where as hell is a place where unsaved bad souls go, although there is a spot in the underworld were bad souls do go.

When people die where do they go?

they go to the selestil telestril telestal if you are mormun heaven hell if you are not

Does salvation help people?

Of course it helps people- it means you don't have to go to Hell!!

Will a gay person go straight to hell vs a person who fornicating?

Whether or not ANY person will go to hell depends on what denomination of Christianity they follow. Jewish people do not believe in hell, so the Jewish answer is no.

Who Should go to hell?

nobody except for devil and the bad people

Do all people who are not Christians go to hell according to the Bible?


What were religious attitudes to suicide?

People who suicide go straight to hell

Did al Capone go to hell?

Yes he did he murderd alot of people

How can you be sure you will go to hell?

You will go to hell anyway. There are so many religions out there, that say you will go to hell, when you are not member of their chruch. Since you cannot be member of every believe out there, you go to hell!

Where do people in Hell tell other people to go?

of course they say, "i want you to stay here!"

Where did Alison go at the end of Pretty Little Liars?

Alison is A and she will go where all the bad people go ,,, TO HELL

If you are saved will you go to hell?

if you are truely saved, no, you will not go to hell

What happens to people that go to hell?

Almost all religions that believe in hell see it as eternal suffering. The Catholic Church does not describe there as being things that happen in hell; it just says that people are separated from God, and that this makes them miserable. Personally, I think that people that go to hell just die and never live again. Remember: in order to be suffering, you must be alive.

Will Sunday worshippers go to hell?

AnswerOf course not! If there really are a heaven and a hell, then worshippers can hope to go to heaven whether they worship on Saturdays or Sundays. And if there is no hell, it does not matter when people worship, because there may be no God to hear their prayers.

Is it true in the bible that gay people go to hell?

It depends on the denomination of Christianity doing the interpretation of the scriptures. Furthermore, Jewish people do not believe in Hell, so the Jewish answer is no.

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