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Because it is the world's highest waterfall.

The Victoria Falls are not the world's highest, but the world's widest sheet of falling water. The highest are the Angel Falls in Venezuela at 3212 feet


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On average, about 300,000 a year

About 30,000 people visit Victoria Falls each year.

Very many people visit the falls

The Falls are located on the Zambezi River

Some 300,000 people a year visit the Falls

300,000 people visit the falls each year

Niagara Falls is Much faster than Victoria falls and Victoria Falls is Much Higher!

By the hight, width, popularity..go to Wikipedia they show a little chart where they compare (but you must search Victoria Falls--thats how i did it)

There are 8 falls in Victoria Falls.

Some 300,000 people a year visit the Falls

No Victoria falls is not a city because if you were living in Victoria falls you would be dead because Victoria falls is waterfall, and it is 108 metres.

Victoria Falls is located between Livingstone, Zambia and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

the Victoria Falls is in Africa.

Victoria Falls is in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls are bigger than Niagara Falls

The Victoria Falls Hotel is 22 km from the Victoria Falls Airport.

Victoria falls is begin protected, by not letting tourist in or near Victoria falls.

He was the first European to view the Falls, November 1855

Queen Victoria did not see the Falls

it is 1268km from Victoria falls

The Victoria Falls are on the Zambezi river.

The Victoria Falls is on the Zambezi River

Victoria falls culture is African

Look at it another way, 300,000 people a year visit the Falls

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