A Sound of Thunder (short story)

Why do people hate the sound of thunder?

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They hate it because they can't sleep with it, near by them

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The sound of thunder can scare or startle some people when it's close by & really loud, which also makes some people think worse weather is coming.

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Why does thunder make a sound?

thunder does not make sound. thunder is the sound that lightning makes.

What is the sound of thunder?

Thunder is the sound of lightning, because lightning moves faster then sound it takes a few seconds for the sound to catch up. So there is no sound of thunder, thunder is just the sound of lightning.

How did the Norse people explain the sound of thunder in viking times?

It was blamed on Thor, the god of thunder.

Can thunder kill people?

No thunders cannot kill people. Thunder is the sound created from the lightning as it rips through the sky.

Does lightning make a sound?

lighning does make a sound but most people refer to it as thunder

A sound of thunder?

THRUP..THRUP..BOOMMMMM~ is the sound of thunder

When was A Sound of Thunder created?

A Sound of Thunder was created in 1952.

What is the ISBN of The Sound of Thunder?

The ISBN of The Sound of Thunder is 9780330021357.

When was The Sound of Thunder created?

The Sound of Thunder was created in 1981.

How many pages does The Sound of Thunder have?

The Sound of Thunder has 438 pages.

Is thunder a gas?

No. Thunder is sound.

What sound does thunder?

the sound of thunder makes a boom sound which basically sounds like a bomb.

Do people see lightning before the sound of thunder reaches us?

Yes - since light travels faster than sound, you will see the lightning flash before hearing the sound of the thunder.

Does thunder have sound energy?

Yes thunder has sound energy not kinetic energy

What is thunder made out of?

Thunder is the sound resuting from a lighting bolt. It is "made" of sound.

What was the Production Budget for A Sound of Thunder?

The Production Budget for A Sound of Thunder was $80,000,000.

What is the sound of thunder mainly about?

The sound of thunder is the sound of te lightning hitting the ground but just delayed.

What is the sound that comes after lightning?

thunder Thunder.

What is sound made by thunder called?

Thunder doesn't make a sound--thunder is a sound. It's the sound made by lightening. The electricity in lightening causes the rapid expansion of hot air, which creates shock waves: i.e. thunder.

Why is the sound of a thunder heard after the lighting is seen although they are produced at the same time?

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Also the speed of light travels much faster than the speed of sound, so people should see lightning before they hear thunder.

What makes the sound of Thunder in the Air?

The sound of thunder is caused by the heat of the lightening bolt

Can thunder burn?

No. Thunder is simply sound. Lighting, on the other hand, can cause burns and start fires.

What is the speed of thunder?

thunder travels at sound speed

Is thunder chemical energy?

No. Thunder is sound energy.

Which can you see thunder or lightning?

Thunder is the sound of lightning.