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Honestly, it really doesn't matter whether you are in elementary, middle, or high school. The horrible truth is that they will always look at u as just a student. Im going through a very complicated problem with this right now. I am in middle school and have a crush on my teacher who is beautiful and has a great personality. The truth is that u will never be able to get over crushes. It is in human nature to keep liking someone once you already do. The key is to control these emotions. In other words, dont do something inappropriate. Once you leave that teachers class, you will get over it very soon. Everyone goes through this. You may experience these feelings even more when you reach high school and middle school. What I always tell myself is that someday I will have a beautiful wife that I love and adore and I will be okay. You are just going through something called a childhood fantasy

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To get over an extreme teacher infatuation, it's best to make sure to understand that you are in school to learn and nothing else. It's alright to appreciate the teacher for what they do, but anything beyond that would not be professional for the teacher and could get the student into trouble as well.

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Q: Why do people have crushs on their teachers?
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