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Why do people have finger and toe nails?


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Nails are tools ,have a look at our animal counterparts.

The nail bed is there for the nail to be joined to the finger ,and that is the nailbeds task.

Its part of the whole nail.

The nail is simply a tool.

In our case its not for hunting like some of out animal counterparts.

We use it for aiding in healing ,scratching ,grooming and so forth.

The nail was not designed for the nailbed ,to protect the nailbed ,but the nailbed rather in aid for nail growth.

Lose the whole nail and nailbed and skin wil cover the loss.

Without fingernails, we couldn't grip things well. Nails helps us hold something much better.

Toe nails ,have the same functions as our finger nails.

Or had the same function in the past.

Our nails would be shaped differently if we had fur.