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Because we're too soft ! It's time we had a better system to deal with illegal immigrants.

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Q: Why do people illegally come to the UK?
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Should one be grant US citizenship no matter what background they have?

yes, that's how it is, some people just come illegally yes, that's how it is, some people just come illegally

What if the person is illegally in the UK?

They can be arrested and deported.

Is There Anyway To Get Illegally Married In The UK?

There is no way to get illegally married and then acquire any of the legal rights of marriage.

How does the eu effect migration in the UK?

Truthfully - the EU does nothing to control migrants coming to the UK. If they did - there wouldn't be a huge 'refugee' camp in France holding tens of thousands of people waiting for their chance to attempt to enter the UK illegally !

Why do people risk coming to the US illegally?

They come for a better life. People since the 1600's have come to a better life than what they have. All of us unless we are Native Americans we are from immigrants.

Where in the UK do people known as Scorsese come from?

Scousers are people who were born in Liverpool.

What is an undocumented alien?

They are people who have entered the country illegally.

What is a sentence for detain?

Detain suspects believed to be illegally in the uk take them to police stations.

For what reson did most people come to live in the UK?

hEllO,dIz iZ lOuiSSe frOm cAnOn pAlmEr...i tHink tHat immigRanTs come To ThE UK becAusEthere is work, and people come to UK because they speak English, and because, pathetically, they believe that it is a free and democratic country. Immigrants come to the UK because they need to find better jobs and need to have better salary.Some people go here because they want to discover lots of different things. This people are usually called tourists. They come to the UK then see how life is in the UK, and when they liked it, they'll think about staying and maybe start a new life.

Why do people come to permently live in the UK?

People come permently in the UK because they want to get better jobs and have a family, be successful and certainly want there children to have a better chance of learning.

Why do people smoke illegally?

To get high

When does jamglue come back?

It wont ever comeback. Use for remixing or Google if you wany to download music illegally. Itunes or Napster is the way to go. This is why Jamglue closed in the first place because of many people downloading songs illegally.