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Q: Why do people in china eat with chopsticks?
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How do people in china eat the noodles?

Usually with chopsticks

What are chopsticks?

Chopsticks are 2 sticks that people eat with,

Do china people use chopsticks?


What do Chinese people eat with?


What do Japanese people eat with?


How do Chinese people eat?

Chopsticks, spoon, fork. The most used is the chopsticks. Chinese people do not eat the knife generally

Did ancient china people use chopsticks?


What do Japanese people eat chopsticks with?

Japanese people do NOT eat chopsticks. They eat with chopsticks. As western people eat their food with a knife, fork and spoon, many Asian cultures use chopsticks in place of the western cutlery. This requires the food to be prepared in 'byte' sized portions by the kitchen.

What is the cool about Asia's people?

They eat with chopsticks!

What do oriental people eat their food with?


What do people eat with in Japan?

chopsticks lol

How do people in japan eat there food?


How do the children in cities of china eat?

They eat like the same way as us, but they use chopsticks.

Do Chinese people eat popcorn with there hands or chopsticks?

Chinese people eat popcorn with their hands. As known they eat alot of foods with chopsticks but like other people they eat popcorn with their hands.

When did chopsticks come to Japan?

chopsticks came from china and moved into japan. people invented chopsticks because many were poor so it was easier to buy then fine china silver wear. But before it was used to eat with japenesse women used it to decerat their hair and keep it up with since their was no hair ties

How did Chinese people eat before chopsticks?

theyy did

Do Japanese people eat steak with chopsticks?

no they dont

How did chopsticks help china?

It helped eat food without having to use their hands.

Why do Asians eat with Chopsticks?

Not all Asians eat with Chopsticks.

Why do china people use chopsticks?

because they dont use forks

Where was chopsticks invented at?


What do Chinese people use to eat?

they use chopsticks to eat most things

What do Japanese people always eat with?

They do not always, but most often eat with chopsticks.

What do people use to eat Japanese meals?

Japanese people use chopsticks to eat their food.

How do chopsticks help the world?

they help people eat there food