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i guess people kiss because when 2 people are in love for some reason it just feels great. i mean my first kiss, at first i never thought much about kissing, but when he first kissed me, i felt a way i never felt before. i hope that helped you!

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Because they find it pleasurable.

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Because they are in love with each other

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Q: Why do people kiss on the lips?
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How many people kiss on the lips?

actually only 5% of people kiss on there first date 72% of people kiss on there 4th week of dating

When was I Kiss Your Lips created?

I Kiss Your Lips was created in 1995.

Where does most people kiss on there face?

Usually most people kiss their (boyfriend,girlfriend,husband,or wife) on the lips or the cheek.

How do you get someone to kiss you on the lips?

Look at him/her deeply in the eyes, part your lips slightly then if he/she dosent kiss you then you kiss him/her.

Can you kiss on the lips when you're 11?

You could kiss on the lips at any age

How do you kiss on zwinky lips to lips?

You can't kiss lip to lips. All you can do is go to action or emotion (near your text box) and select kiss.

What are some various ways to kiss on the lips?

Some ways to kiss someone on the lips would be to give a small and short kiss with lips closed. One may also kiss with lips parted slightly or a french kiss which is often very passionate.

When you kiss where do you kiss?

The lips or neck

Can Pakistani urdu people people kiss on the lips?

yes, Pakistani people can kiss , but usually they do not , cause they do not know how to do it or sometime they feel SHY . People of Pakistan think that their religion Islam does not say to kiss on lips. These people think that it is not acceptable cause their prophets didn't . These people spend their lives according to their religion and what their prophets did , . Well, I m also a Pakistani citizen, I do notfeel shy about any kind of kiss , I used to think that if someone kisses you , you should not mind and should give an awesome response , but I never kissed someone on lips cause no one over here know how to do it , or if they know and you do kiss them on lips they will tell other people that I have a girlfriend and she kissed me on lips and there the person who kissed is done. I would suggest that never kiss a Pakistani , unless and untill you do not know that person very well. In Pakistan it seems very odd if you kiss on lips first of all these people do not accept this kiss or if they accept then they will make too much mess during kiss that you will able to say " I will never kiss a Pakistani citizen . ".

When you and your boyfriend have ant had your first kiss should he kiss you on the lips or cheeck?

lips. definately

What can you kiss that feels like lips?


How do Japanese people kiss?

That's a really good question. I've found that Japanese people can't kiss because of their lack of lips.