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Because they're fun to play with and people also like them because people like trading with Silly Bandz to get better Silly Bandz or Silly Bandz they like.


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Because people like them?

Probably like the silly bandz in the U.S.

there are 1000000 silly bandz but any kind of bandz like silly bandz are 9000000000000000000

there really is no meaning for silly bandz. people like ma just love them.i have 369 of them. no joke

1.Silly Bandz!! 2.Silly Bandz!! 3.Silly Bandz!! 4.Silly Bandz!! 5.Silly Bandz!! 6.Silly Bandz!! 7.Silly Bandz!! 8.Silly Bnadz!! 9.Silly Bandz!! 10.Silly Bandz!!

i don't think there is a pikachu silly bandz there might be one that looks like it. but there is no Pokemon silly bandz pack that i know of.

Lots of Silly Bandz are rare, including:Tye Die Silly BandzGlow in the Dark Silly BandzSparkle Silly Bandzdragon silly bandz.... and lots more

Silly Bandz are $2.99 for a regular pack of 12 Silly Bandz in a pack. Sometimes, they are $4.99 if the Silly Bandz pack has 24 Silly Bandz in the pack, if the Silly Bandz are Glow in the Dark, or if the Silly Bandz are Tie Dye.

I always get silly bandz at walmart they cost 1.00 for a pack of 12 silly bandz. If you dont like them there check gas stations or walgreens.

Silly Bandz are rubber shaped bands that lots of people like to wear, trade, and play with. They are one of the most popular accessories to wear right now! The can look like lots of things, and each pack of Silly Bandz has it's own special shaped Silly Bandz, like...AnimalsFantasyDinosaursSchoolPrincessand a lot more!Some rarer Silly Bandz are often Glow in the Dark or Tie Dye, too. Robert Croak invented Silly Bandz. Some Silly Bandz, though, were in fact made in China.Silly Bandz do not cause skin cancer, and they do not have lead poisoning. But some recent scientist studies show that Out of all Silly Bandz, 95% are harmful to children under the age of 13. That is because babies can choke on them, or people can put them around their necks and that could choke them, and also because if the Silly Bandz someone is wearing are too tight, it can stop blood circulation. So make sure you get the right sized Silly Bandz!

They make their own brand of Silly Bandz. I have no idea what the name is, I haven't been there recently. Some people call them Memory Bandz or Shaped Rubber Bandz. And I think they have a silly band guide there, too!

no way worst silly band ever i got really rare silly bandz like a baseball or a porcupine.

The best is silly bandz.This is why they are 1.silly bandz are easier to find 2.silly bandz wont break as fast as zanzi bandz 3.silly bandz have a web sight 4.they are cooler and cheaper

Silly bandz are rubber bracelets that are shaped like animals and objects. Also there is letters of the alphabet and numbers.

silly bandz, goofy bandz are just a copied idea.

Walgreens,CVS have silly bandz

Target does sell Silly Bandz.

Silly Bandz was created in 2002.

i have 1023 silly bandz all the money for my birthday is going tords silly bandz

Zany bandz are more awsome silly bandz are harder to find

moose =cheese =pie = silly bandz = bob the record is set by me with 1,000,000 silly bandz

Silly Bandz sparkle because of how the sparkly Silly Bandz are made. People who make sparkly Silly Bandz add add sparkles and something that makes the sparkles flow around inside the Silly Band as a sparkly Silly Band moves. But, if you break a sparkly Silly Band, you really don't have to worry about it. The sparkles won't spill out of the Silly Band.

Of course you can still get Silly Bandz in stores!

No silly bandz do not have lead in them.Hope this helps!

silly bandz are made of silicone plastic

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