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Why do people like pepsi more then coca-cola?


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People like pepsi more than coca-cola because the taste of Pepsi is much smoother.

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I find cocacola hurt my teeth a lot more than pepsi, they also seem to make my teeth more gripy

Diet pepsi has more fizz then regular pepsi because diet pepsi has more chemicals then regular pepsi does.Diet pepsi has more chemicals because it has more acid then regular pepsi.Diet pepsi also has more carbonation then regular pepsi.

There's no accounting for taste. Some like Pepsi and others like Sprite.

They have different formulas and ingredients in different ratios. Like like Coke is more carbonated and Pepsi is a little sweeter.

I personally prefer Coca-Cola as well, but it depends on personal taste. The only difference is that coke is more of a liquid and Pepsi is more of a gas. I think Coke is the best not only because its tasty but because it is sort of healthier. I did a science fair project on soda acids and Pepsi is more acidic than Coke. it depends i like Coke but others like Pepsi 2 that's really your opinion.... Yes I perfically agree but F.Y.I Tecnally pepsi is beter for people who like sweeter dinks. As you see pepsi is somewhat sweeter than pepsi in most people opinions. Freakypeople co. Pepsi and Coke are rival soda companies and people are always asking which is better. Really, nit is your own opinion which one is better. Some think Coke is better. Some say Pepsi is better. Some say Pepsi is sweeter. Some say Coke is sweeter. Truthfully, Coca Cola has less caffeine than Pepsi. But, it won't be me to tell you that Coca Cola has less caffeine so you shouldn't drink Pepsi. coke dose taste better than pepsi but coke is fine when you have like one a day more than that could cause harm to you while pepsi couldn't i think pepsi kinda copied coke -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really think that coke is better in every way. Pepsi has too much sweetener. By the way the coke that is stored in a glass bottle tastes way frekin better than normal coke or pepsi.

Pepsi is better, but Coke is more popular and more successful because it has companies like Sprite.Coke is better, but Pepsi is sold at my favorite fast food outlet.The controversy rages on...

Okay some people on here are paranoid.. Anyways I believe Pepsi sells more than Coca - Cola. Just because it tastes the same, I guess the Pepsi is more appealing to others. In that case, Pepsi MIGHT of sold more than Pepsi.

Actually, Pepsi has more sugar than Coke, but Coke has more calories compared to Pepsi.

Pepsi tastes just like Coca Cola or Root Beer. Except it is high in sugar. It also is a little more sweet for me!

Pepsi because if they where not diet it would be pepsi

why sprite fizzs up more than pepsi is because sprite has more carbination in it then pepsi

There is no definite answer to that , mainly because it's an opinion . would suggest asking people and making a graph .this sounds like a science fair project.

Coke sells more product than Pepsi.

Does pepsi have more sugar than coke?

Coke because there is more water in the coke than the Pepsi beacuse of Pepsi having more sugar in it.

pepsi is way more corrocive than coke!

Believe it or not, Pepsi actually has more caffeine content than Coke.

Pepsi-Max: 1.3417% Pepsi: 0.4532% Difference occurs as Pepsi is more dense than Pepsi max and so therefore it has more soluble compounds and ions in it that affect the amount of carbon dioxide that can dissolve in it.

Pepsi haves more sugar than coca cola

Pepsi has more carbonation because Coca Cola is mostly sugar.

Diet pepsi has less sugar and that's why it floats. Pepsi has more sugar which weighs it down to the bottom at room temperature water.

pepsi actually has more alcohol then an Irish dose in his blood stream

Yeah Coca-Cola is much stronger then Pepsi.

It will be pepsi because it is more stronger and when you shake it up u will actually get more out of the pepsi coke instead of the sprite.

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