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Biology is a passion to many people. Some people love biology, and want to teach the wonderful subject.

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Q: Why do people like to be biology teachers?
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When was National Association of Biology Teachers created?

National Association of Biology Teachers was created in 1938.

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No, teachers do not have to like apples. Teachers are just regular people and they have different preferences of food.

Why do people study marine biology?

Alot of people like marine biology because it is the study of ANIMALS!

What has the author Glen E Peterson written?

Glen E. Peterson has written: 'New materials and techniques in the preparation of high school biology teachers' -- subject(s): Biology, Study and teaching, Training of, Biology teachers

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Will it be a surprise if I tell you: Teachers are just like people! Some of them like art, some do not.

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Does people who like biology likes to read?

It really depends, I like science and biology but I am not a big fan of reading. It is your opinion.

Is the demand high or low in biology teachers?

the demand is high because many of people interested in the biological sciences are more interested in research or medicine as opposed to teaching biology especially at a high school level.

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What are the factors affecting students performance in Biology?

Indiscriminate changing of teachers

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What has the author T L Green written?

T. L. Green has written: 'Practical animal biology' 'Zoological technique for teachers and senior students' 'Biology in the secondary modern school' 'Zoological technique for teachers and senior students' 'The teaching and learning of biology in secondary schools'