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Why do people like to drink absinthe?



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Well, people that like the feeling of being drunk like to drink Absinthe because it can do so very quickly and very efficeintly. It is hard to find and it has been known to make people almost high and drunk at the same time. Most people find it very hard to drink absinthe. I know a guy who puked after his second shot. But it does make your drunk very fast and it lasts quite a while.

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I'm sure the above answer didn't realize that they were not drinking actual absinthe, but what they were in fact drinking was most likely an imitation of what we call "Czech-Style" Absinth." Contrary to all the marketing, it bears very little resemblance to actual Absinthe. On the note of it making you "high," it doesn't. It just doesn't. But it can give a different sort of drunk, as some alcohols do. Some describe of a feeling of clarity, or a "clear headed drunkness." And to the above's friend who puked after his second shot, Czech Absinthe or not, it is a very highly alcoholic drink. Absinthe is not meant to be taken straight. It should be prepared with a ratio of three to five parts water to one part absinthe. Adding of water creates a clouding effect known as "Louching" where all the botanical oils of the anise and fennel are released, which creates more flavour and fragrance of the absinthe. I've found that once adding to the absinthe, the smell of anise wafts delightfully around the room.

In regards to why people like to drink absinthe, some folks enjoy the mystique and of the process, in which one slowly drips water on top of a sugercube placed above an absinthe spoon. The sugar will melt, sweetening the absinthe, as well as causing the clouding effect with every drop. It's part of the process of drinking absinthe, and is really wonderful to behold. Good absinthe is very tasty as well, meant to be drunk slowly and enjoyed. Of coarse, if you don't like the taste of anise (black liquorice), then you probably won't like the taste of absinthe. And while it doesn't get you "high," there is certainly a unique sort of drunk that comes with absinthe.

Plenty of myths surround absinthe, and I'm not going to bother debunking them on here, so I'm just going to direct you to a fantastic absinthe drinkers website, where any questions you have about absinthe can be answered.

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