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I think it's because he is good at rapping and singing.

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What is the moral of the song how to love by lil Wayne?

lil wayne is talking about his daughter in how to love i love that song from:1# lil wayne fan

Is Lil Wayne in love with toya?

Lil Wayne is not in love with Toya anymore.

Whom sings how to love by lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne

Is lil Wayne adicted to cough sryup?

yes he is people want him to stop but he wont.I LOVE U LIL WAYNE

What is the 80s song remade by lil Wayne?

it is either No Love by eminem ft. lil wayne, or Lil-wayne Pain

Who is lil Wayne girlfriend?

Lil Wayne is currently dating Nina Hagen . She is completely in love with him and he is in love with her aswell .

Do keri hillson like Lil Wayne?

yeah she do love her some lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and akon who is richer?

Lil Wayne by far, but I love Akon too!

What year did Lil Wayne song how to love come out?

The Lil Wayne song "How To Love" was released on May 26, 2011.

Why do lil Wayne look good?

lil wayne looks good because hes lil wayne (:, i love him for ever and always so stay away from him. i had a baby and named him after lil wayne.... Lil Tunechi.

Did lil Wayne hit drake?

No it was juss a love tap on the arm Lil Wayne got to much love to hit Drake

When does the song How do you Love with Lil' Wayne and Enriuqe Iglesias come to iTunes?

If you mean the song How to Love by Lil' Wayne its already out

Is lil twist lil Wayne?

No They Are 2 Diffrent People . Lil Wayne Is A Father Figure To Lil Twist .

I hate that i love you by Lil Wayne?

LIL WAYNE ROX!!!! lol <3 CoPz LoVeR <3

Is Lil Wayne a better rapper than lil bossie?

i think lil Wayne he is the best. now love it like it live it he is beast

Was lil Wayne in love when he made the song how to love?


Is how to love by lil Wayne clean?


Does Lil Wayne change his voice in how to love?


Is lil Wayne and birdman in love?


What genre is how to love by lil Wayne?


Is Lil Wayne dating Beyonce?

Lil Wayne is not dating Beyonce. He is dating Jenna Carroll and they are madly in love.

How did toya and Lil Wayne break up?

Lil Wayne dumped her because he was too in love with Jenna Carroll.

Who is the boy who gets bullied in the no love by lil Wayne?

You are wrong it is by eminem! It is Ems song not lil Wayne. He is FEATURED!

How many people is pregnant by Lil Wayne?

2 ppl are pregnant by lil Wayne

What Lil Wayne song starts with a lighter flick?

Lil Wayne - Fireman we be steady mobbin - lil Wayne ft gucci mane Wayne on me- Lil Wayne Swag Surf- Lil Wayne Single- Lil Wayne Banned from T.V.- Lil Wayne I got no ceilings- Lil Wayne D.O.A.- Lil Wayne Wasted- Lil Wayne