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People need to focus on Dance because it can strengthen you. Also, you can hurt yourself if you do it the wrong way, and that would not be good. Lastly, it can be hard for some people and they really have to try to really understand it.


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it is a dance studio! Focus Dance! Go! I go there too

Focus is what the performer looks at or where they look in a dance

—Focus helps you to look out for what is happening around you.

Focus in dance is important so that you don't get sidetracked, so you remember your dance moves, and so you can be completely and fully aware of other dancers on the stage as well as yourself.

you most likely need to know how to dance, sing, and act. Now you might need to focus on one considering what kind of part you want.

You need two to tango ;)

Tableau encourages focus and concentration

You can use 1 if you want but if your doing ddr with two people then you need 2 mats.

While it's true that you don't need a degree to dance, there ARE doctorates in dance if you want to pursue one; a couple of schools in the US that offer the degree are Temple and Ohio State Universities. I've linked the names of the schools to their pages on the program so you can read about exactly what is involved.

They focus on the genre, EDM. EDM stands for electronic dance music.

Focus is attentiveness during doing something. Focus while dancing is that you only think of dancing while doing it.

Swords dance because it highers your attack sharply and focus energy just makes critical hits come more often.

you need 5 people to dance hula on the deck to see fire dance...

where in the hell did the people in the 1950's go dance i need to now because iam doing the boring report on it and i NEED to NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILY =) ***** TMKLOVE NADINE

Focus in dance means wether or not you are ready or not to do the next movement In other words , if you are not doing anythin gin themiddle of a dance and your just suposed to be stood still then do that and dont talk to your friends next to you or slouch and bite your nails

Species do not focus on anything. They are not agents capable of cognition or focus. They are simply groups of organisms. It is organisms that focus on things, if they are capable of it.Organisms, in order to ensure their survival, need to focus on:Approaching traffic when crossing roads.People with sharp sticks.Angry ex-wives.

people focus in different ways so not everyone can focus with music playing. but for the people who can focus with music it is because the music relaxes them and they focus better when relaxed. Also some people focus when they are having fun and if they are listening to 'fun' music they can focus. it is different for each and every person. we all focus differntly and so...... isn't PEOPLE people, such a strange word!!

Cause they are to young and need to focus on there school work

you need aerobic endurance for cardio to be able to dance and have a more structured dance move

A line dance is a dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a number of people dance in different groups or a line of people. It doesn't matter of which gender or who the people you dancing with.

I need to focus in class.

well you need to know how to dance and get along with kids.

Improvisation dance means to go with the flow whether due to a slip up or no set routine. The advantage is people do not need to practice them and they can fix a mistake in the routine if need be.

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