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If they didn't, it would cause serious hygiene and health issues.

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People poop in toilets because it is a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of waste. Toilets are connected to a sewage system that safely carries waste away, preventing the spread of diseases and odors. Using toilets is also a social norm and a standard practice in most cultures.

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Q: Why do people poop in toilets?
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How do people fly and poop?

There are toilets in the aeroplanes.

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You have to go poop

What were toilets like in the gold rush?

Toilets were holes in the ground. People would usually poop or pee in the river were people would mine for gold. The sanitary back then was filthy as well.

How do people poop in jail?

Same as everyone else. All cells have damage-proof metal toilets.

How does a lack of toilets spread disease?

because people poop in other places where the waste is not properly disposed of, it can then support bacteria and fungi, which can get back into the food chain.

Do dogs poop in toilets?

No, They Do not do their bissinessin the toilet.they go outside to take care of their body disposal.

What would you dou to motivate people to utilise toilets?

people should use toilets

Where do people poop?

Mostly in toilets, but also movie theaters, back seats of cars, off the top of buildings, libraries, kitchens, living rooms, clothing stores ect. and even in their pants

What would the world be like without toilets?

There would be poop and urine all over the place and it would definitely smell.

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How did ancient Rome get rid of there poop?

The Romans had outdoors public toilets which were connected to the sewers. In the big apartment blocks sloping out was common.