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people put tissue in their bra because it makes them look like they have bigger breasts and to attract men

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Q: Why do people put tissue in their bra?
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What is the point to a bra?

The point to a bra is to support breast tissue. Some people also wear them to make their boobs look larger or smaller.

How to make my breast bigger?

you can stuff them and the best for that is tissue paper. You could also buy cups that you put in your bra.

Why is it bad to sleep with a bra on?

its not bad to sleep with a bra on..its just a myth when people say that your boobs wont grow if you wear a bra on at night. You can't get cancer from it but if you wear a wire bra it's not good for the breast tissue to be squeezed in all night. It is better to sleep without.

Is it bad to sleep without a bra?

No it is not bad to sleep without a bra. If you wish to sleep while wearing a bra that is your choice.

How can you stuff your bra without people knowing?

either get gel inserts or get a sock stuff it full of loo paper and put in you're bra :)

What do you put on your breasts?


How do you put a girl bra on a boy?

If it is a rear fastening bra it is probably easiest to put the bra on so that the fastenings are at the front, were you can see them. Fasten the bra and then slide it around your body so that the fastening are at the back and the bra cups are at the front.

When do you buy a bra?

When the breast tissue has begun to grow, to the point where there is movement when jumping or running, it's time to start wearing a bra.

Do you need to wear a bra for a proper bra fitting?

in my experience they just give you a bra to put on with no pads and then they measure you.

How can you tell someone stuffs their bra?

Either Tissue paper is sticking out or If their JOLLOPIES

Does your breast grow if you wear a bra to sleep?

Yes they will still grow but it is not good for the breast tissue to always be in a bra. Don't wear it when you sleep.

What do you do if you find a bra next to you?

Put it on your head and walk around telling people your super bra hero. Seriously just leave it and walk away. It will go away after awhile.

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