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Why do people say to you a silent guy?

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Maybe you dont talk much or add much to the conversation at hand. Get involved with what is going on around you but dont be overbearing.

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What is the silent letter in apparatus?

There is no silent letter in 'apparatus', unless you want to say that one of the two letter 'p's is silent. Some people might think that was funny!

Are most girls attracted to the strong silent guy?

nooo if there silent theres no fun to that

What does a silent k say?

The silent k says kn.

If a guy that likes you calls you and talks alittle then goes silent then keeps saying is that it anything else what does he want you to say?

He's trying to get you to say that you like him, or just get your feelings out towards him.

Why do people assume you are talking about you when you say your friend likes this guy?

because a lot of people use that excuse to say them

What has the author Guy Compton written?

Guy Compton has written: 'The silent multitude' 'Medium for murder'

What letter is silent in width?

When the word is pronounced correctly there are no silent letters. Though many people say it "with", the proper pronounciation sounds like "wid-th".

Does the word ate have a silent e?

yes it does and if you say a word and you dont actualy say e then its gonna be a silent e...

What is the world record for being silent?

its actully 21 hours guy no one could be silent for 50 weeks der

Does the word walk have a silent letter in it?

It depends on how you say it. Some people may say the l, but in the US for the most part, people say wak, with an aw sound instead of an al sound.Hope this helps!

How do you say silent in Japanese?


What is the silent letter in bomber?

The second B is silent in bomber! You don't say bom-bbbber. You say bom(b)-er

What is the silent letter in the word 'duplex'?

The way I say it, 'duplex' has no silent letter.

How do you say a silent film in french?

a silent film is 'un film muet' in French.

People say this guy likes me how do i find out if it's true?

Ask him.

Why does the guy go silent when you tell him you like him?

It is not the answer to his remark, "I love You"! he wanted!

How do you know a silent guy likes you?

They cud lreve note at your housed.

What were silent films used for?

People watched silent films for entertainment

How can you tell if a guy is mad at you?

they will not talk to you as much as they use to. they will give you the silent treatment.They will be really mean to you. Or they will just say it.You know a guy is mad at you when he doesnt pay attention, says smart remarks, and seems like he doesnt care..

What is the behavior of a cow?

silent a say moo?

What did Disraeli say teaches you to be silent?


When people say a guy likes you should the person ask the guy but why if the person is to shy?

make sure it is true and be brave.

What are the positive things of being a friend?

say hi. if its a girl compliment her.if its a guy say sup.Be youself most people hate dishonest people

What does a hot guy look like?

A hot guy is just a guy you can look at and say wow this guy is good looking it's not what other people think it's you're heart saying this guy is cute

What to talk about when it silent on the phone with a guy?

Say your mind, express your feelings, fear, doubts, hopes and aspirations. If you have said everything then it makes sense to end the end the call and get to other duties.