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Q: Why do people sleep in beds in stead of the floor?
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Do the Japaneese sleep on the floor?

no they sleep in beds too

Do Eskimos sleep in beds?

sorta, there kinda like mattresses on the floor.

What do jamaican people sleep on?


Why do people sleep on beds'?

People sleep on beds because they provide comfort and support for the body during sleep. Beds offer a flat and cushioned surface that helps to relieve pressure on different body parts such as the back, hips, and shoulders. Sleeping on a bed also helps to maintain proper spinal alignment, which promotes a more restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

What is the purpose of a bunk bed?

It allows more beds to fit on the same floor space, allowing more people to sleep in the same room.

In a convent where did a nun sleep?

While it can vary, usually they sleep on beds. Other times, cots or hammocks, or mattresses, or even the floor. Depends on where they are and what is available.

What do Pakistani people sleep on?

Pakistani people sleep on matresses but don't have beds

Where did the Navajo sleep?

Just like everyone else they sleep in beds but back int he old days they did sleep on the floor on top of buckskins.

What did ancient greek people sleep on?

Rich Greeks would of had bedrooms with beds made of wood and have weaving of wood to hold the hay/leaves with fabric for blankets. Poor Greeks would normally sleep on the floor with a scattering of hay/leaves.

What did people sleep on in the 1930s?

Mainly beds.

Where wold the pilgrims sleep?

Pilgrims would typically sleep on the floor on their journey on the boat. Some would sleep in make-shift beds that they created.

Do people in America sleep in beds?

Yes, many Americans have mattresses to sleep on.