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Why do people speed?


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Because Ecstasy destroys the spinal cord.


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Yeah... People need speed limits to know the correct speed to drive, some people may argue that people will know what speed they should drive at, but what about people who are new?

4 people speed skate at on time

about 8-10 people can fit in a speed boat

When people talk about Constant Speed, they mean non stopping speed at the same speed. For example if someone runs 10 miles at the same exact speed every day, people would say that he/she runs with constant speed.

peolple speed because they are jerks

nope they achieve speed due to fear

People began speed skating as a Olympic event in 1924 but only men can compete. Women can compete in 1974 for speed skating.

People love cars for their speed and design. A person with love for speed will love sports cars.

you feel the speed more than you do in a car

Amphetamine is most commonly called "speed." Some people call methamphetamine "speed" however that is not correct, only amphetamine is "speed"

People speed for various reasons.It is funThey are in a hurryThey have a lead footTheir car is brokenThey have a need for speedThere are no cops aroundTo show offTo look toughWhy not?

We can use ultrasonic planes. They can travel with that speed.

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Same as today. It depends on how you travel. The formula is distance between a and b divided by your speed. I would say the maximum speed in those ages was the speed of walking or running for all the poor people and the speed of a horse for the rich people.

People usually complaint about slow speeds. There are people with 300Mbps connections and some with 300kbps. The average internet speed is 5.6 Mbps.

well you people that like to speed date are losers and have no men or women to love you

Sort of. Some people can achieve super speed by training their bodies to. That's why the people in the Olympics can run so fast. But the super speed that superheroes have in cartoons cannot be achieved. I hope this helps!

Some people get Need for Speed for free download because they are playing the free "Need for Speed World." The other possibility is that they pirated the game illegally.

The download speed is measured in megabytes per second when carrying out a broadband speed check. This allows for people to see the amount they can download at.

They speed up communication.

It's up for debate, but a lot of people would probably say speed.

Of course. Some people just don't have what it takes to regulate their own behaviour and that is why we have laws to govern road speed and other laws to protect people.

Most people are fatally injured when they are shot by a gun because of the speed the bullet travels. With the speed it builds up it becomes more dangerous. With enough speed it generally damages vital organs or serious blood vessels.

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