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They store it because they're not always using it, so they have to put it somewhere.

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Q: Why do people store scientific apparatus?
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What is scientific apparatus records?

a record of scientific apparatus.

What are scientific apparatus?

The instruments that scientists need.

Are there philosophical theories in education that are related to improvisation of science apparatus?

Improvisation of scientific apparatus is generally done because of lack of money with which to buy the normal kind of scientific apparatus. If there is an educational philosophy involved, it would be, improvised apparatus is better than no apparatus. We do the best we can.

What has the author R H Nuttall written?

R. H. Nuttall has written: 'Early scientific instruments' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, Scientific apparatus collections, Exhibitions, History

What are the biliary apparatus?

biliary apparatus collects bile from live and store it in gall bladder

A scientific apparatus stating with f?

Filter paper, or a filter.

Is Golgi body and Golgi apparatus the same?

Yes they are the same but apparatus is just a more scientific name for body.

What has the author Gerard L'Estrange Turner written?

Gerard L'Estrange Turner has written: 'Nineteenth Century Scientific Instruments' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, Handbooks, manuals, History 'God bless the microscope!' -- subject(s): History, Microscope and microscopy, Royal Microscopical Society (Great Britain) 'Elizabethan instrument makers' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, History, Scientific apparatus and instruments industry, Catalogs 'Antique scientific instruments' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, Collectors and collecting

Use Golgi apparatus in a sentence?

Golgi apparatus is a scientific term. An example sentence that uses this term is: The Golgi apparatus is an important part of the structure of many cells.

What is the scientific term for equipment put together for a science experiment?


What has the author Benjamin Pike written?

Benjamin Pike has written: 'Pike's illustrated catalogue of scientific instruments' -- subject(s): Catalogs, History, Medical instruments and apparatus, Scientific apparatus and instruments

Is improvisation of apparatus important and why?

Yes, improvisation of an apparatus is important. This is important because furthering technology can further the scientific field in general.

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