Water Pollution

Why do people throw sewer?

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I can give you several sentences.The sewer smells horrible!The Roman sewer is large enough for people to tour.They had to climb down to clean out the sewer after the flood.

some people flush their fish down the toilet when it dies, and the toilet is connected to the sewer.

Throw a pizza or go down into a man hole cover to the sewer.

A sewer system is the sewer or the sysyem of the sewer.

That people needed no government

another part of the map with more shops and jobs, sewer people and a sewer arena

People don't. A sewer transports icky stuff to the ocean.

To get into the sewer, go to olde town. now this is a bit strange but one day some one had some kind of technical problem with there computar and went through a wall into the sewer so people made friends with him and marked the location. So go to the sewer in olde town regularly and one day if some people are in the sewer make friends with them and mark location. Pz add me, my role play name is Hunter DragonSword!

Need to install a sewer pump to pump the sewer up to the sewer waste line

the people as a group should own utilities

The sewer guy is by the sewer by the U of S.

because all the people who went to Rhode island were unwanted everywhere else. sometimes its called "the sewer with the lords debris".

you have to go to the fourth land at night and by the poolish place are a bunch of sewer people. Fight them and win and you get the key to the sewer. Hope i helped :) Hugod:Go to the 4 world at night, Then click the Sewer King,U Win 2 Get Key(Warning, It Is A Combat Zone)(I Beat It)

The sewer is in the bathroom in the park.

Sewer is in and connected

no one throw fish you idiot

* Drop it down a sewer drain * Drop it down a toilet * Drop it in the bath * Tread on it * Get a pet to chew it * Throw it at something * Punch it

Jobs that people would not prefer to have such as fisfing through the sewer.

Like people from any country in the world, people from Austria do get sick. Sometimes they may throw up. So yes, people in Austria do throw up occasionally.

The purpose of a sewer pipe is to collect waste from drains and peoples homes and transport it through the sewer system to the sewer plant. There it is treated and the water is recycled.

With a sewer line locator of course

Sewer treatment plant hopefully

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