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Why do people use alcohol?

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Alcohol is a natural analgesic and sedative. Alcohol is also a natural antiseptic. In biblical times a small amount of wine was added to the water much the same way we add chlorine to water today. Water with a little wine in it was safer to drink as it destroyed bacteria and many parisites.

Unfortunately, many people enjoyed the sensation of escape and relaxation. Biblically we are told to "drink a little wine for thy stomach's sake". Of course that would be part of the antiseptic nature of the alcohol. Another biblical animation was that you shouldn't be a "winebibber", meaning that you shouldn't be an alcoholic.

Most of the traditional religions include alcohol in their practices, almost as an admonition to seek moderation.
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Does coke use alcohol?

Coke does not use alcohol but they use caffeine that people mistake for alcohol. Caffeine is like alcohol though.

Why do people us drugs tobacco and alcohol?

People use drugs and alcohol to feel good and to have an escape.

Do alcoholics use people?

Yes, to get alcohol They have an addiction so yes they use other people to get what they want.

What drug do people use most?

Alcohol, by a huge margin.

Why do people use wood alcohol?

Because it is a good fuel

How many people die of the use of alcohol?

there are more than 2,000 people that die from alcohol.SO REMEMBER YOU KEEP SAFE AND DON'T USE DRUGS,ALCOHOL, AND SMOKE.KEEP YOUR BODY SAFE.

Is teenage alcohol use at alarming levels?

I believe that teenage alcohol use has reached the point of alarming levels. I think part of the appeal of alcohol is that it is a forbidden "recreational" drink that many people think is cool to use.

Why do people have alcohol with fake id cards?

people use fake ID cards for alcohol because they don`t like getting arrested

Reasons for drug use?

People use drugs, smoke and drink alcohol its because when you start use drugs, smoke and drink alcohol there is something in your brain that would like to let you think to use drugs, smoke and drink alcohol. If you continue using drugs, smoke and drink alcohol you be addicted to it.

Why do so many people use alcohol?

It is addictive and its legal and its available.

How many people in the year 2007 died from alcohol use?


Do Mennonite people drink alcohol?

As a denomination, No. Most fundamental protestant denominations abstain from Alcohol. Some use it in Communion but most use grape juice.

How many people died last year from alcohol use in the US?

No one dies from using alcohol, only from abusing it.

What is worse tobacco or alcohol use?

both are bad i would say tabacoo,it kills more people a year then alcohol

How many people in the year 2008 died so far from alcohol use?

About 85,000 people died The deaths were not only deaths from dependent and non-dependent use of alcohol, but also accidental poisoning by alcohol. It excludes unintentional injuries, homicides, and other causes indirectly related to alcohol use as well as deaths due to fetal alcohol syndrome. Hope this helps I want to thank for my answer

Do people use alcohol in black lake sask?

No doubt some do. In a community of over a thousand of the people there are going to be some who drink, no matter how difficult it is to find alcohol.

What is the substance in alcohol that makes it addictive?

Alcohol (ie ethanol C2H5OH)However, not all people who use alcohol find that it is addictive, while in a minority of cases addiction to alcohol is a real and serious problem.

How do you use alcohol in a sentence?

You use alcohol in a sentence by asking the question, "How do you use alcohol in a sentence?"OK,sorry, how about: Whisky contains alcohol.Alcohol is bad for you because it damages your heart.

Why do people who drink alcohol have to use the bathroom more and can become dehydrated if they drink to much alcohol?

Because their blathers are ready to burst because of when they get drunk they have sex with many random people and when the need to use the bathroom they hold it.

How to make rubbing alcohol?

You get some alcohol--isopropyl alcohol is usually used, but ethyl alcohol could also be not use methyl alcohol as it will poison you through the skin--and mix it down to 70 percent concentration with water. Most people, including the people who sell it in stores, just buy it premixed.

What is the use of grain alcohol?

This is the kind of alcohol in liquor. People drink it to get high and "feel good". Some would say that it has no useful purpose.

What are some slang terms doctors use for alcohol?

I am not aware of any particular slang used by doctors to describe alcohol. They just call it whatever type of alcohol it is - rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol; you also have ethyl alcohol or ethanol, which is the sort of alcohol that people drink; and methanol, which is poisonous.

How many people die a day because of alcohol?

People die not from alcohol but from the abuse of alcohol.

How many people in the US use alcohol?

A majority (cir. 55%) of people inn the U.S. are considered drinkers.

Is denatured alcohol a paint deglosser?

Denatured alcohol is considered a paint thinner and can also be used for cleaning shellac. Some people use denatured alcohol as a paint deglosser, but that is not recommended.