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It's the phenomena of the biggest mouths having the smallest minds.


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Why is it that people who know it the least, know it the loudest.

A saxophone could be played the loudest. However in an orchestra the instruments are balanced in dynamics (volume at which music is played) by proportional numbers and skilled players. The least loudest woodwind instrument would be the flute.

the loudest bug is a cricket

The Loudest Dinosaur is Parasaurolopus

elephants? i dont know why does it matter?

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194 dB (decibels) is the loudest sound on Earth ever. Some people say that the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 was the loudest sound ever, being heard at 5,000 kilometers away! That eruption was around 180 dB!

It is a fact that the Carolina Hurricanes are the loudest.

XF 86 H is the loudest plane.........

The world's loudest animal is the blue whale.

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The Howler monkey is the loudest mammal.

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The loudest land animal in the world is the howler monkey.

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the loudest Dr.dre Beat. are gonna haveto be the studio

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