Why do pit bulls live so long?

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dogs might live for about 10 to 15 years. Pedigree dogs live most shorter as a result of inbreeding and are subject to certain kinds of conditions which pitbull don't have. I have seen pitbull living up to 18 years.

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2011-12-01 22:14:26
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Q: Why do pit bulls live so long?
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Why are pit-bulls so wild?

Pit-bulls are so aggressive because there owners are so aggressive toward them and they are protective of there owner.

Why do they breed pit bulls?

some people breed pit bulls for fighting but if you do so you will get caught by the police just a warning

How fast are pit bulls?

My brother has two pit bulls and they can run really fast so about 18 miles per hour!

Are pit bulls smarter than people?

pit bulls are very smart breed they are just stubborn so people think they dumb

what breeds are considered pit bull?

Pit bulls are the only breed to be a pit bull. The rest are wanted to be pit bulls. There are some that looks alike so keep in mind the good characteristics of the true pit bull.

How strong are pit bulls?

pit bulls are so strong they can pull a full sized loaded truck storng enough to kill if you get them pissed off

Is it the owners fault that pit bulls are so mean?

absolutely .

Why are Pit bulls so cute?

They aren't, they are chav dogs.

What are Hawaiian pit bull?

Pit bulls, that live in Hawaii. There is no such breed. Their heritage is from English dogs, so, I guess if you want to give them a nationality, I would have to say they are English.....Chuck.

Are pittbulls mean?

depending on how the owner treats the pit-bull will act.So not all of pit-bulls are mean it depends how he/she is raised and treated no pit bulls are all the same they have their own personality for an example pit bulls are like people if they get treated mean they be mean so don't be mean to your pit-bull♥

How did pit bull dogs get their name pit bull?

Pit bulls were originally bred for bull baiting in the 1800s where the name bull comes from. the pit part comes from pit bulls being put in so many dog fights in pits.

Why don't people like Pit Bulls?

People don't like Pit Bulls because of the repetition that bad dog breeders have gave these beautiful animals. I have owned 12 Pit Bulls so far and I am 15. They are the nicest and kindest animal around.

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