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Why do plant cells look green?

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No all plant cells look green - only those cells that contain the pigment chlorophyll look green. The chlorophyll enables the plants to photosynthesize to make their food. The cells that are green are therefore those which may be exposed to sunlight.

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Why do most plant cells look green?

Plant cells contain chloroplasts, which contain chlorophyll, a pigment that is necessary for the plant to collect sunlight. Chlorophyll looks green to the naked eye.

What cells do chloroplasts come from?

plant cells contain chloroplasts. They make the plant look green and are where photosynthesis takes place.

Why are only plant cells green?

Plant cells are green because they contain chlorophyll. Since only plant cells contain chlorophyll, only plant cells are green.

What would a person look like if it had plant cells parts?

he/she would be green because chloroplasts are green.

Why is the grass green not purple?

Grass is a plant. Plants are made of plant cells. Plant cells have chlorophyll in them. Chlorophyll is the GREEN pigment in plant cells, so it makes the grass green.

Is green algea a plant?

Green algae is considered a plant, as its cells do have characteristics of plant cells, for example, they have chloroplasts.

What helps to makes plant cells green?

plant cells are green because of the chloroplasts, which are made from chlorophill, which is green

Is chloroplast found in animal cells or plant cells?

Plant cells. Its what makes them green.

Why are plant cells green?

Plant cells are green because of the green pigment chlorophyll, which is found in the chloroplasts of the cells, and allows to plant to perform photosynthesis (the production of carbohydrates from carbon dioxide in the air).

I'm found only in the plant cells I'm as green as can be?

Chloroplast is only in plant cells and is green. This is a riddle.

When you look at a green leaf why do you see the color green?

Chloroplasts in the cells of the leaf produce chlorophyll out of light which is a green chemical that makes food for the plant.

Chlorophyll in plant cells?

Chlorophyll the pigment in plant cells that give them the green color.

What color are the plant cells cloroplasts?

Plant cells are the color green. These are called chloroplasts.

What do green plant cells contain?

Green plant cells contain chloroplasts, organelles that undergo photosynthesis. The chloroplasts contain chlorophyll, a green pigment that captures energy from the sun. The chlorophyll is what makes the plant green.

What color are plant cells?


What are green plant cells?


What do chloroplasts in plant cells do?

Chloroplasts make a plant green.

What makes the plant cells green?

The chlorophyll has a green pigment, thus giving the plant its [green] color.

Plant cells that contain the green pigment chlorophyll?

Plant cells that contain the green pigment chlorophyll also appear green in color. This green pigment is contained within the chloroplast.

Do both animal cells and plant cells have chloroplast?

No, both plant and animal cells do not have chloroplast. Plant cells have chloroplast that is why their leaves are green. Such as animals they do not. K.K

Why are animal cells harder to see than plant cells?

The cytoplasm of plant cells is green, but the cytoplasm of animal cells are colorless.

Are chloroplasts in animal cells?

no. Chloroplasts are only in plant cells. chloroplasts are what makes the plant green.

What shape and color do plant cells appear?

Plant cells appear green and box-shaped.

Where should you look for the chloroplast?

Chloroplasts are located in plant cells, suspended in the cytoplasm. If you look close enough at plant cells, you will see that they are not uniformly green, but the color, in fact, is consolidated into chloroplasts, which appear as small "green dots" in the cell. A plant cell can contain between 11 - 65 chloroplasts, which are each about 3 micrometers in diameter.

What can a plant cell do that an animal cell can not?

a plant cell has something called chloroplast and it makes the plant a green colour in animal cells they don't have that. the chloroplast has chloroplasium in it to make the green colour of the plant so that is what plant cells can do that animal cells cant