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Why do plants grow?

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Because they need more leaves to carry out photosynthesis and create food, which can be converted into energy via respiration(which is NOT the intake of air!).

The growth of plants can be understood as an evolutionary result. Plants that fail to grow will not succeed either in surviving, or in reproducing, therefore that species will die out rapidly. The process of natural selection will favor plants that do grow. That's why plants grow.

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What statement best describes indeterminate growth?

Plants grow throughout their lives.plants grow throughout their lives

What does plants grow from?

Plants Grow from seed.

Do penuts grow on plants?

No penuts do not grow on plants,they grow in the ground

Do potatoes grow on plants?

Potatoes are plants. They do not grow on other plants.

Can plants grow with soda?

No soda can not grow plants.

Where do plants grow?

plants grow on land and sea.

Why do plants grow in deserts?

why plants grow in desert

What do epiphytic and parastic plants grow on?

Epiphytic plants grow on other plants for support and parasitic plants grow on host plants for support and food both.

What are the plants grow in leaves?

Plants that grow in LEAVES are KATAKA-TAKA plants

What must plants have in order to grow?

Plants must have the energy from the sun to grow and plants need water to grow as well the water feeds the plants with nutrients that will allow it to grow

Where plants grow?

plants grow in rain forests or in deserts.

Do peppers grow on plants?

yes peppers grow on plants

Examples of plants that grow from stem?

plants that grow from stem

Do brinjals grow on plants or trees?

they grow on bushes (plants)

How do plants grow on walls?

plants can grow on wall's because of

Will plants grow in pop?

no, they will not , plants will grow in water or soil

What type of plants will grow?

Most Plants grow/get bigger

What plants grow in Alberta?

lots of plants grow in Alberta.

Is it possible to grow plants in deserts?

A variety of plants grow naturally in deserts. To grow nonnative plants will usually require irrigation.

Can plants grow in stones?

Plants cannot grow in stones naturally but they can grow among stones.

Do plants need sodium to grow?

No, plants do not need sodium to grow. They need protein to grow.

Why you should grow more plants?

well you should grow more plants so we will grow.

What uses nitrogen to grow?

=plants need nitrogen to grow==plants need nitrogen to grow=

How plants grow?

Plants grow because of there pholem it gives them their strenth.

Do plants grow in the Philippines?

Yes. Plants grow everywhere on Earth.