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Q: Why do pregnant women need more calcium and vitamin d?
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Problems with too much calcium in women?

If women get too much calcium and not enough vitamin D, the bones cannot absorb the calcium correctly. It can cause the parathyroid to function incorrectly, but more prominent women will form bone spurs.

What would a lack of calcium do to your bones?

Lack of calcium will cause osteoporosis, a condition that leaves a person's bones brittle and easily broken. This is more common in women of post-menepausal age. Women of Northern European or Asian decent are at a higher risk. Along with calcium supplements vitamin D must also be taken, calcium cannot be absorbed without vitamin D.

What is the RDA of vitamin C?

75 mg is the rda for women and 90 for men however children, smokers, breastfeeding women, and pregnant women need more.

Why do pregnant women need more calcium than not pregnant women?

Because part of everything they eat goes to the growing baby. So they need to eat a little extra all over, and particularly of some extra important stuff. Like calcium, for growing bones.

Can pregnant women take tums?

I have to say yes! Tums are Calcium and you need that when you are pregnant. Taking calcium supplements are good to keep the baby's and your bones healthy. Check out for more info.

Which vitamin helps activate calcium absorption in the body?

Vitamin D...or more specifically, D(sub)3...activates calcium absorption in your body.

What can you do to increase your vitamin D intake?

get more exposure to the sun or take vitamin d calcium

Do oranges contain both calcium and vitamin c?

Yes. But we will eat orange for vitamin C. You can have much more Calcium in milk and cartilages of bones, you eat.

How To Find Kosher Vitamins?

>Vitamins during pregnancyPrenatal vitamins are not just for women who are already pregnant. Women who are thinking about starting a family can take prenatal vitamins before they get pregnant to ensure that their bodies are healthy enough to carry a baby. The added nutrients will provide a safe atmosphere for the baby, and they could possibly increase the chances of getting pregnant.A good multivitamin may make women more fertile before you get pregnant. Women who take three or more vitamins a week, including folic acid, have been shown to be more fertile. If women do not like taking vitamins, they can still get the vitamins and folic acid from leafy green vegetables. A salad each day is great for the body in order to get pregnant and after the women have become pregnant. Iron is another great vitamin that women need when they are pregnant. Iron is found in red meats that can be consumed during the week. Calcium is good for the development of the baby's bones. It can be found milk and other dairy foods. Women do not have to have a prescription to get a multivitamin. Vitamins can be purchased over the counter at most pharmacies and retail stores. The most important vitamin that needs to be listed on the bottle is folic acid.Make sure to look for supplements that do not have more than the recommended daily intake, but don't over indulge on certain vitamins. Vitamin A is not as good for the baby as calcium or iron. Vitamin C and Omega 3 are good for the baby's brain and eye development and depression in the mother. Eating a healthy variety of fruits and vegetables will give the mother most of the vitamins she needs if she does not want to take a vitamin on a daily basis. The iron intake should double while the woman is pregnant. Each woman is different and should talk with her doctor to find out what vitamins are best for her body.

Should vitamin D and calcium be taken at the same time?

I use a very good supplement - Caltrate Plus - it has vitamin D plus minerals which the bones need; I have Osteoporosis - thinning of the bones through lose of calcium - I discovered that vitamin D is essential for the bones to absorb calcium better - the other mierals in Caltrate ,also enhance the body's absorption of this essential vitamin. We all need more calcium as we age - women in particular. Calcium on its own is not enough - the other vitamins & minerals are necessary for healthy bones. many supermarkets as well as chemists stock Caltrate Plus - the purple box.

What is the mineral that can help develop strong bones in a young person?

It is calcium and vitamin D tablets. Vitamin D is more important in older people during winter. Young people tend to be outdoors more and absorbing Vitamin D from sunlight. The calcium helps to maintain bone structure in young and old.

What is calcium in biology?

Calcium is a vitamin that is vital to our body's health. It helps us to make our bones more stronger.

What vitamins aid in bone growth after a break?

There is more to repairing bones than just vitamin D and calcium. To specifically answer this question, yes there are vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin K. Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption in the gut. Without it the calcium won't get into your body. However just because calcium gets into your body, that doesn't mean it's going to the right place. Many people actually loose the calcium in their bones, while calcium deposits in places it's not supposed to be such as arteries. Vitamin K is essential for carrying and directing calcium to where it is supposed to go. Therefore vitamin D and vitamin K should be taken together. To get more specific, Vitamin K is is responsible for the carboxylation of Matrix Gla Protein, which is a strong inhibitor of arterial calcification. Matrix Gla protein is responsible for putting calcium in the bone and keeping it out of the arterial wall. Without vitamin k calcium will be more likely to stay in the blood and deposit on atrial walls. Vitamin K is high in green leafy vegetables, is also produced by good gut bacteria (which many people don't have) in vitamin k supplements and a very, very few vitamin D supplements also have vitamin k in them. btw: this problem is due to low vitamin k. If you get your vitamin D from supplements or sunlight it won't matter!

Does vitamin e increase sperm count?

yes vitamin e and calcium allow you to produce more sperm and semen

Why do women need a lot calcium.?

Women are more prone to osteoperosis a bone disorder and calcium is good for bone

How many vitamins should a mother take while pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins are the best. Ask your doctor. Don't take vitamins which are not specifically for pregnant women as some (like vitamin A) can cause problems. With vitamins more is not better.

Do carrots include more of Vitamin A Vitamin C or Calcium?

Carrots have more Vitamin A. Eat more carrots, and you'll improve your night vision. Generally all fruits and vegetables vary in Vitamin C from a small amount to a rich source.

Why do pregnant women need more energy and protein than a non pregnant women do?

It is because the pregnant women need more energy and protein to build the body tissues for the baby.

What does calcium help with?

Calcium helps to increase the density and strength of bones, and teeth. In addition equal consumption of vitamin D will help with optimal absorption of the calcium so your body can use the calcium more efficently.

Why do elderly people need more vitamin d?

Vitamin D is needed for calcium to be made useful in the body (for instance in bones). As you get older you tend to lose calcium from the bones and it becomes necessary to try and prevent this by ensuring that there is enough calcium in the diet and that this calcium is usable by the body. Vitamin D is made in the body by the action of UV sunlight on the fat layers just under the skin. If there is not enough exposure to sunlight the body becomes short of vitamin D and bode deformities can occur in growing children (rickets). Therefore in the young and the old it is important that both Calcium and vitamin D are present in the diet.

How is calcium used today?

Calcium strengthens your bones. Vitamin D helps that process so that it can absorb it even more. Calcium can be found in all dairy products. Ex: Milk, cheese.

Can Pregnant Women Smoke Hookah?

Smoking is universally harmful. More so for pregnant women.

Can Bacterial vaginosis can be present in both pregnant and non-pregnant women?

Yes, both pregnant and non-pregnant women can get BV. It's of more concern in pregnant women because it is associated with preterm labor.

What is the function of vitamin D?

vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium and it is stored in your body, dormant until your skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is for bone&teeth development. It also keeps you healthy and makes you grow.It keeps your bones strong too! Vitamin D increases absorption of Calcium (CA) that helps build strong bones.

What do prenatal vitamins consist of?

Prenatal vitamins consist of important vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy pregnancy. A mother to be needs more iron than a non pregnant women. She also need B vitamins, vitamin C, E and D. Due to the needs of the growing baby, prenatal vitamins also contain calcium, magnesium to support bone formation.