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Public colleges often require general education classes as a way to provide students with what some consider a well-rounded education. For a student who has not yet decided on an academic major, "gen ed" courses provide opportunities to find a field of study that he/she finds enjoyable. However, for students who have already decided upon an academic major, general education courses provide almost no benefit. These students often find themselves spending thousands of dollars to take classes that are not related to their field of study and spending hundreds of hours on homework/projects that are not useful on a resume upon graduation. The reason public colleges (and many private colleges for that matter) continue to require nearly two full semesters worth of classes is so that more money can be made for the college. By requiring students to spend money on at least one, if not two, extra semester, a college can earn thousands or even millions of dollars more over the span of just one academic year.

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Q: Why do public colleges require general education classes?
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Are high school diplomas requirements of college?

Yes. Most colleges require a high school diploma to get in, however some colleges will allow you to get in with just a general education degree.You should check with the college you plan to attend.

What courses do I need for a business certificate?

You will have to take all the standard classes colleges require in the first two years, so you get a rounded education. Then you will have to take accounting, operations management, business finance, project management, business writing, and economics among other classes.

How do you get a degree in early childhood education?

Most major universities offer a degree in early childhood development and education. One can also get a degree for early childhood development from some online colleges though most require some on campus classes in addition to online.

Do you have to take classes at ohlone college to play baseball?

Colleges require the player to be a student in the school in order to participate in any atheletic activity

How many English classes must you take to go to college?

Most of the four year colleges and universities require four units of English.

Do you have to take classes to become a coach?

Yes, you need not only a degree in general education, but as well as physical education. Most schools require you to be a certified teacher to be able to coach. A classified coach would only be capable of being an assistant coach for not having a certified position.

How do you become a Film Producer So I Am About To Graduate From High School. I Want To Be A Film Producer. What Should I Do First Go Straight To A Film School Or Go To A 2 Year And Get An Associate's?

No matter what you do you will have to get two years general education done. Film school will require general education classes. My suggestions is to look into a nearby university that offers a degree in film.

Do all schools require foreign language classes?

-a lot of high schools do not require you to complete foreign language classes. -as for secondary education it depends on what kind of education you go and get. if you go get a technical education (like to be a mechanic on a car)(most two year schools) most place would care less if you take a language. a 4 year university will require it most the time. and if they dont require it they will most likely let you test out if you have take some kind of language.

What education does gaming require?

Honestly I believe that most gaming companies just require that you know what you are doing. These companies want examples of projects you have done and then a general display of knowledge through an interview or starting of the job. All i can recommend is that you take Computer Science classes that are offered at most Universities.

What kind of education does a speech language pathology professional require?

Speech language pathologists require a Master's Degree in speech language pathology. The classes needed to acquire this degree focus on the English language, science, and communication. Math and history courses are also general requirements to earn a degree.

Does a veterinarian require physics?

Veterinary medical colleges typically require applicants to have taken classes in organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, biochemistry, general biology, animal biology, animal nutrition, genetics, vertebrate embryology, cellular biology, microbiology, zoology, and systemic physiology. Some programs require calculus; some require only statistics, college algebra and trigonometry, or pre-calculus. Most veterinary medical colleges also require some courses in English or literature, other humanities, and the social sciences. Increasingly, courses in general business management and career development have become a standard part of the curriculum to teach new graduates how to effectively run a practice.

What are honors classes?

Honors classes are advanced courses offered in high schools and colleges that go into greater depth and complexity than standard classes. These classes often require more challenging coursework, critical thinking skills, and independent learning. Students who excel in honors classes may receive weighted grades to reflect the higher level of difficulty.