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Why do puppies eat so much?


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becuse they don't now any better you have to stop they get sick.


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No, dogs and puppies are both not to have chocolate and if they eat to much they will get very sick

It depends on the puppy.

They are like real babies they eat and play then need to sleep.

puppies may be sick or get a bad tummy ach

so that the puppies wont eat and get sick.But this will only happen when the pups are very little as they get older and mature the mom wont eat her puppies poop and pee

all the time , but not to much. The vet says that the apple is good for there teeth and has some vitamins in the apple that is good for them... SO OF COURSE YOU CAN FEED YOUR PUPPIES APPLES!!

Yes. They have puppies..... Who doesn't know that? And eww. Dogs do NOT eat their puppies......

If the some of the puppies are stillborn, the mother may eat any them. If there are no stillborns, nothing will eat the puppies. ~

there new borns they need more food and water therefor more energy

Puppies will need a lot of food to help them grow, and fuel through this high energy period of exploring and learning; so you should make sure they have plenty of food, but not so much they get fat or unhelathy.

Puppies usually aren't equipped to hunt and kill on their own, so no, they wouldn't tend to eat other animals including other puppies. They eat milk from their mothers and the partially digested food provided for them by members of their pack. Or in the case of puppies raised in a home, they eat the easily digested puppy food provided by the human owner.

Of course the do but they need their mom.

find out yourself looser

Puppies sleep a lot because they play a lot and it tires them out.

No, He does not eat puppies, just the souls and minds of children.

No it is not normal for chihuahua to eat its puppies at birth

all dogs eat their own puppies if the puppies have the human scent on them , that's why its important not to touch the puppies for at least 2 days

yes they will eat puppies or small animals that is mean even their babies!

sad question, but no. Thankfuly, they dont eat their puppies. :)

because they were hungry?

Dogs have lots of puppies because they have evolved to do so. Survival rate of puppies is not as high as other animals, and they do not invest as much time in each puppies as other animals. So, to continue the species dogs must have a large number of puppies.

After about 4 - 6 weeks from feeding from their mother, you can always practice teaching them how to properly eat. The young puppies might always need milk from their mother, ( although most puppies grow out of it.) so if your puppy doesn't want to eat the food, it's OK.

convex les so eat yello puppies!

Most likely not and I have never seen so in my lifetime.

Yes. They are especially good for teething puppies.

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