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Q: Why do puppies hide on Halloween?
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Where are the puppies on the Halloween town level in kingdom hearts?

There aren't puppies in Halloween Town.

Where does jack hide on Halloween?

in his box

Where did cruella hide the puppies?

in an abandoned mansion.

What were the immigrants' favorite Halloween pranks?

Hide and seek

Where did Henry hide the gift for Halloween on pandanda?

at beta pandanda

What are some fun kid games you can play at a Halloween party?

Trick-and-ditch and Ghostly hide and seek

How do you get the 99 dalmatian puppies in Kingdom Hearts?

you gotta look in every world to find them not just Halloween town

Should you let your dog hide her puppies?

no,if she hides her pupppies then you can't make shure they are healthy and if shes taking care of them

Why do puppies chew statues and pavement?

Puppies chew statues or pavement because of their "teething pains". New teeth are growing in, to deal with the pain puppies chew on hard objects to try to loosen them so they fall out. Suggestion: Buy your puppy raw hide chewing toys to satisfy his/her need to chew.

Where does the czar of Halloween in animal crossing city folk wii hide?

he will be walking around the town in random places outside, and will not follow you so you know that it is not your neighbor

Do dogs eat puppies feces?

Yes, dogs do indeed eat puppy feces. They eat small amounts when grooming or licking the anus to help stimulate defecation in puppies. They may eat larger amounts of feces to clean up after the puppies. That has a role in the wild of helping to hide from predators. The puppy waste may draw predators, and eating it gets rid of it.

Why would the mom of her puppies try to hide one?

She may not think the pup is up to par, so she may be trying to remove it from the litter. This does not make her a bad mom, this is just a natural thing to do in the animal world. If it keeps up, you may have to separate and bottle feed it.