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Why do puppies look the way they do?

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Puppies look they way they do because they were born that way. It is a mix of their mother and father. Whoever wrote this question should take a class on animals because most people know why puppies look the way they do. While we're on the subject of puppies, I got one yesterday. IT is CUTE!!!! I love her

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What should a buyer look for when they find yorkie puppies for sale?

Some of the things a buyer should look for when buying yorkie puppies is if the puppies have any type of paperwork with them and if the puppies look healthy.

When breeding dogs how do you make the puppies look more like a certain breed?

There is no way to "make" the puppies look more or less like either parent - only genetics can decide what the puppies will look like. It can take at least several weeks for puppies to develop their characteristics and personality. In the cases of cross-breeds, there really is no way of knowing. Some pups may look more like their mother, some will take after the father more, or they may be a complete mix of the two.

Is there a cheat code to get your Nintendogs to have puppies?

You cannot its impossible the way people fool you is buy using cheat to make the dog look smaller. they arent puppies

Do dogs look after their puppies?

yes dogs do look after their puppies. Sometimes they look after them until they are 10 weeks old.

What stores sell beagle puppies?

Most pet stores will sell puppies, but if you were to look for beagle puppies only some will carry them. The best way to find them is to ask the pet store owners or browsing in pet stores.

How do you get puppies in Nintendogs?

You don't. There is no possible way to get puppies on nintendogs. If you see videos that say they do, they don't really have puppies. They use a cheat to downsize their dogs to look like puppies but they are really just regular dogs they bought. Think about it, have you ever seen them being born?

Beagle puppies for sale?

Look on for beagle puppies for sale.

What do terriers look like when they are puppies?

When they are puppies they are usually very small and usually look like a ball of fluff!

How do nintendog puppies look?

they look cute and small...thats all i can say!

Are puppies hard to look after?

Yes, puppies can be hard to look after at times. They are young and full of energy, and can be very curious about things that are dangerous to them. Also, the majority of young puppies are not housebroken.

What do huskies puppies look like?

husky puppies look like wolves. they can be grey, black, a shade of orange, or white.

What is the fastest way for Nintendogs to have puppies?

They can't have puppies because puppies pee everywhere and it could ruin your ds

Whats the easiest way to have puppies on Nintendogs?

You cant have puppies on nintendogs the dogs stay puppies and never die.

How do dogs look after their puppies?

by raping them

Do you have to have 99999 trainer points to have puppies?

they can't have puppies any how any way

Which is the best site to look at cute puppies?

There are many great sites to look at cute puppies. Some websites that have cute puppies are the humane society, puppy wars, the daily cute, and cute overload.

What is the average number of puppies in a litter of poodle puppies?

look it up on a better search engine

How do wolves make puppies?

the same way a dog would make puppies (mating)

How do you look after jack Russel puppies?


How do you use the word puppies in a sentence?

Many people love puppies because they look so cute.

Can puppies be trained?

Yes they can be , it is actually way better to train them now when they are puppies than when they are dogs .

How do dogs make a litter of puppies?

dogs do make puppies the same wayhumans make another humanthe exact same way

Did lady and the tramp have puppies?

Yes, they have 4 puppies 3 that look like Lady and 1 that looks like Tramp, the puppies are in the Second movie...The, puppies names are Anette, Colette, and Danielle and Scamp.

How can you tell if a dog is about to have puppies?

Usually, they look fat.

Is it ok to stare at the puppies?

No! You must look away!

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