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Broad straps reduce the pressure produced on the shoulders. The weight of the bags divided by the strap width across shoulder, is the pressure.

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so they don't snap easily and so they don't get uncomtrable to carry.

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Q: Why do school bags have broad straps?
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Why School bags have broad straps?

so they don't snap easily and so they don't get uncomtrable to carry.

Shoulder bags are provided with broad straps and not thin strap why?

if shoulder bags were provided with thin straps we would feel the bag has more weight and pressure on our shoulders , and sometimes the strap may also break because of the pressure .that's the reason why shoulder bags are provided with broad straps

Why you find more comfortable to hang a heavy bag with broad strap than a narrow strap on your shoulders?

this is because the broad straps increase the area of contact which result in decrease of pressure. so with the same load we feel more comfortable with bags with broad straps than the bags with narrow straps..

Why is it more comfortable to lift a school bag with broad straps than thin straps?

Larger the area smaller the pressure. School bags usually have broad straps so that the weight of the bag may fall over a large area on the shoulder producing less pressure and less pressure, it is comfortable to carry heavy bag.

What possible styles of brown leather bags are there?

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Why do shoulder bags have broad straps?

One of the most traditional types of handbags is the shoulder bag. It's classic and elegant and perfect for all occasions. Shoulder handbags are incredibly versatile and functional. This makes them perfect for working women, casual days and everything in between shoulder bags come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. They can be dressed up or down depending on the clothes and the occasion. A woman can carry different shoulder bags with all clothes in closet. Visit More: leather shoulder bag

Is there a laptop bag with interchangable shoulder straps?

All laptop bags have clip-on should straps, and should be interchangeable between brands.

Anti static wrist straps anti static bags?

Yes, they do exist.

Do all messenger bags have straps?

Usually just one. Usually just one.

What is Broad Run High School's motto?

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How can you reduce the weight of school bags?

There are several ways to reduce the weight of school bags. Some include the shoulder straps being tightened to be comfortable but sit higher on the back, lockers being used for unneeded books, books being purchased as online PDFs, and unnecessary books and schools supplies being left home.

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