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Why do sea otters have large sensitive whiskers?

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A sea otter's whiskers are used for finding food and they sense vibrations in the water.

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a sea otter's whiskers are used for finding food and they sense vibrations.

Their whiskers are used for find food and their sense vibrations in the water.

yes, sea otters have young sea otters called pups

a sea otters habitat is the sea

All otters are mammals, including sea otters.

Since 2010, there are around 3000. This including, California sea otters, Alaskan sea otters and Russian sea otters.

Sea otters were not invented.

sea otters have fur and otters don't

Sea otters and large raptors such as the bald eagle or osprey.

sea otters,large raptors,and the bald eagle

Sea otters enjoy company and often travel in packs or pairs, and live in large groups. They will wander off by themselves, but they are known to form groups both small and large.

Can sea otters eat humans? no

where do sea otters rest

yes they do live in the sea that's why they are called sea otters.

In order to find their prey at a river, lake, or ocean bottom more easily when the visual field is compromised. It also makes them cuter.

Sea otters are secondary consumers. This because sea urchins are primary and sea otters eat sea urchins.

sea otters live on the coast or near islands

There are three types of the marine otters the Alaskan, the Russian and the California sea otters. There are about 3000 California sea otters and around 150000 Alaskan and Russian sea otters.

Yes, sea otters do communicate they communicate with other otters by rubbing noses

Sea otters are not the same are marine otters. They are two distinct species of the otter subfamily Lutrinae. The sea otter is Enhydra lutris and the marine otter is Lontra felina. Their appearances are also distinct: where sea otters are known for their large, bulky bodies, marine otters are smaller and slender like their river-otter relatives. Additionally, sea otters live along the northwest coast of North America and near Russia's Kamchatka peninsula, whereas marine otters live along the western coast of South America.

Sea otters do not have gills because they are mammals.

Sea otters get to be 4 to 5ft long

sea otters excrete in water and on land

Yes, sea otters are able to dig.

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