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to stay alive

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Do sharks eat each other?

some sharks eat each other for demonise or for scarce of food

Do sharks eat each other in there mothers stomach?

No, sharks do not eat each other in their mother's stomachs.

Do great white sharks eat tiger sharks?

they have been known to eat each other,yes they will eat each other youtube has a video about it.

Do sharks eat shark?

No, they don't eat each other.

Do comet goldfish eat freshwater sharks?

i am not sure about eating sharks but i have had a few eat each other.

Do tiger sharks eat each other?


Do bull sharks eat each other?


What do gray nurse sharks eat?

These sharks eat fish and when they are still in their mother's womb, they eat each other and unfertilised eggs.

Can hammerhead shark eat mako shark?

No, sharks do not eat each other.

Do sharks hunt in groups?

No they do not because some sharks eat each other some don't

How much do salmon sharks eat?

none they don't eat salmon they eat small sharks small fish and sting rays they will eat each other if they have to

Do sharks eat their eggs?

sharks do not eat eggs. they will eat other sharks' eggs though

Do sharks and whales hunt each other?

no.killer whales have been known to attack and eat sharks but they are not actually whales

Are sharks friends with other sharks?

Sometimes because some sharks eat other sharks.

What animals eat other animals eat each other in the oceans?

Sharks, Frog, Bass, Pelican and Trouts eat other animals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What do sharks eat when they go hungry?

people, each other, (definitely not plants) or themselves.

How do sharks eat in their mums belly?

Shark Babies start out in eggs. While in the egg the live on egg yolk. Some Sharks hatch inside their mother, and the unborn Sharks will eat each other.

Do Great White Sharks eat other Great white Sharks?

If food is scarce, then the answer is yes. Some Great Whites will fight each other for food, usually ending with one shark eating the other. Sometimes when two Great Whites have mated, the female will eat the male for extra energy to lay the eggs. Sometimes the pups will eat each other! Just be aware that it is rare for domesticated sharks to eat each other. :). If someone says this is false, they are wrong. :D

How do sharks interact with other sharks?

They bump into each other

Do great white sharks kill other sharks?

yes great white sharks eat other sharks

What types of whales and sharks eat other animals?

All whales and sharks eat other animals.

What besides humans eat sharks?

Other sharks

Do sharks kill and eat other sharks?

of course they do

Do sharks eat ecother?

Sharks will eat one another all the time, especially if there is blood in the water and a feeding frenzy. Tiger sharks (for example) will eat hammerheads, makos and other tiger sharks. A shark has one rule; eat and don't get eaten. Sharks will eat sharks of their own species and other species of sharks as well.

Do basking sharks eat other sharks?

No, Basking Sharks feed on Plankton.

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