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because they are volcanoes, all volcanoes erupt

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Q: Why do shield volcanoes erupt?
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Related questions

Do shield volcanoes erupt?

Yes, all volcanoes erupt, but shield volcanoes don't have explosive eruptions.

What kind of lava do shield volcanoes have?

Shield volcanoes generally erupt basaltic lava.

Do shield volcanoes contain mafic or felsic lava?

Shield volcanoes erupt mafic lava.

Do shield volcanoes erupt violently?

No they do not.

How are shield volcanoes and composite volcanoes alike?

Both shield and cinder cone volcanoes primarily erupt basaltic lava.

What volcanoes erupt gently?

Shield volcanoes erupt least violently cinder cone most violently and compost can erupt either way.

Are shield volcanoes dangerous?

Shield volcanoes, are not particularly dangerous. Though shield volcanoes erupt very often, they normally don't pose danger as significant as other types of volcanoes.

Pyroclasic materials from shield volcanoes?

Pyroclastic flows don't come from shield volcanoes. They come from cinder cone and sometimes composite volcanoes. Shield volcanoes only erupt runny lava.

Do shield volcanoes erupt quietly?

Yes, because a shield volcano is much closer to the ground then the other two types of volcanoes.

Why do shield volcanoes have gentle slopes?

Shield volcanoes erupt runny lava, which doesn't easily build up (gentle slopes).

Why do shield volcanoes erupt frequently but rarely cause human disasters?

Shield volcanoes erupt lava with a low silica content. There are less dissolved gases and a lower viscocity fluid, so less gas is produced and it takes less pressure to erupt.

Does a shield volcano have runny lava?

Yes. Shield volcanoes erupt basaltic lava, which is runny.

What do cinder cones and shield cones have in common?

Both cinder cones and shield volcanoes are volcanoes that primarily erupt basaltic lava and do not produce large explosive eruptions.

What is the difference between a shield volcano and a composite volcano?

Shield Volcanoes erupt less violently and flows further then composite volcanoes. A composite volcano erupts more violently.

Why are cinder cones smaller than shield volcanoes?

Cinder cone volcanoes are like a small "pop" not like a big erupt. Shield volcanoes are bigger because they make a big explosion of oozing lava. The cinder cones only erupt once and the ash forms a large crater that stacks up

What type of explosion does a shield volcano have?

Generally shield volcanoes do not explode. They erupt in a non-explosive fashion, fountaining or oozing lava.

Why would pahoehoe and a'a lava erupt from shield volcanoes?

Pahoehoe and a'a are textural variaties of basaltic lava, which has a low viscosity, meaning it flows fairly easily. This is the reason for the gentle slopes of shield volcanoes.

How are shield volcanoes and cinder cone volcanoes somewhat same?

Both erupt basaltic lava, which has a low silica content and a high temperature.

Does a shield cone form from a quiet eruption or an explosive eruption?

Sheild volcanoes generally erupt "quietly."

Is caldera a shield volcano too?

No. Caldera and shield volcanoes are quite different. Shield volcanoes usually undergo effusive eruptions, the least violent type and produce basaltic lava. Caldera forming volcanoes erupt explosively and are the most violent. They generally produce rhyolitic lava.

When was the last erupted shield volcano?

Shield volcanoes erupt all the time - in fact, a volcano may be erupting as I type this answer! Considering this, I am not able to give you an accurate answer.

How does a shield volcano erupt?

Shield volcanoes are commonly fed by hotspots, which are upwelling's of magma, rather than by being located on a plate boundary. The movement of oceanic plates over the hotspots is believed to be the cause of the eruptions. Shield volcanoes often have nearly continuous eruptions.

Are shield volcanoes and volcanoes the same?

Not necessarily. Shield volcanoes are volcanoes, but not all volcanoes are shield volcanoes.

How do shield volcanoes erupt?

Shield volcanoes erupt in a flowing, non-explosive manner, the lava flowing for extremely long distances creating the gentle shield shaped form. Eruptions at shield volcanoes are only explosive if water somehow gets into the vent, otherwise they are characterized by low-explosive fountaining that forms cinder cones and spatter cones at the vent. In a shield volcano, 90% of the volcano is lava rather than pyroclastic material. Due to high magma supply rates, the lava is hot and changes very little after it is generated. A common product of hotspot volcanism, shield volcanoes can also be found along subduction-related volcanic arcs or all by themselvesShield volcanoes usually erup by fountaining or extruding lava.

Are cinder cone volcanoes similar or different from Shield and stratovolcanoes?

There are similarities and differences. Cinder cones are generally much smaller than shield volcanoes or stratovolcanoes. Like shield volcanoes, they primarily erupt basaltic lava. However, like stratovolcanoes they have steep slopes and are composed of material that has erupted into the air and been welded together.