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When the baby is born the doctor cuts the umbiliical cord. Depending on the cut, there may be a 'nub' left i.e. an 'outtie'.

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Why did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

The story does not specify whether Adam and Eve had belly buttons or not. As they were created, and not born, it is the opinion of some that would not have belly buttons.

Why are some belly buttons innies and outies?


Why do penguins have belly buttons?

they have belly buttons because they have them okii

Do all things have belly buttons?

Things generally don't have belly buttons. All placental mammals have belly buttons.

Do pigs have belly buttons?

All mammals have belly buttons so yes pigs have belly buttons and so do elephants.

Do mice have belly buttons?

Yes mice do have belly buttons. All mammals have belly buttons and mice are mammals.

Do star fish have belly buttons?

No. Only placental mammals have belly buttons.

How come Chinese people don't have belly buttons?

Oh, but they do have belly buttons.

Do elephants have belly buttons?

Elephants are mammals. All mammals have 'belly buttons'. Belly buttons are the place that the umbilical cord was attached to the infant while in the womb.

Do giaraffes have belly buttons?

Yes! all mammals have belly buttons. When we are growing in our mothers belly we are joint by an umbilical cord then when we have been born the umbilical cord gets cut and that is why we have belly buttons.

When does a pregnant woman's belly button start to stick out?

That very much depends on your body/belly button type, how big you get and when you 'pop'. Some women have their belly buttons pop out as early as 14 weeks! Some women don't have it happen until their third trimester. It also changes; your belly button can pop a bit, and then kind of even out with your belly not seem as big since the belly is huge.

What animals don't have belly buttons?

All placental mammals have bellybuttons of some sort. Animals that aren't placental mammals, like reptiles don't have belly buttons.

Do you need belly buttons?

we dont really need them i guess but we have them because we were conected to umbillical cords that is also why some people's belly buttons are more out and are called outies

Does belly buttons grows on trees?

No. Belly buttons are part of human bodies, and as such, do not grow on trees.

Do your belly buttons started going in when you are pregnant how is your belly buttons supposed to look when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant your belly gets bigger,and your belly button just sticks out there.

Why don't dogs have belly buttons?

AnswerDogs do have bellybuttons, but they aren't "innies" or "outies." Only a scar is present. The umbilical cord experiences avulsion during birth; it's not cut and tied like human babies' are.They do have belly buttons. My Boston terrier has a HUGE belly button!!!!! he doesn't have fur on his belly, where most dogs do have fur on there bellies. All dogs have belly buttons.

Do hamsters have belly buttons?


Do squid have belly buttons?


Is there such thing as a phobia of belly buttons?

Yes, this strange phobia of belly buttons does exist.The phobia is called Omphalophobia.

What are some True What are facts?

Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons

Do hamsters have belly button?

Yes, hamsters do have belly buttons

Do boys have different belly buttons than girls?

No, a belly button is a belly button.

Do ants have bellybuttons?

Only placental mammals have belly buttons. Ants, being born from eggs, don't have belly buttons.

Do people store things in their belly buttons?

No, people do not store things in their belly buttons, but I do believe it is possible to store a small amount of food in the human belly button.

Why do some people have different belly buttons?

Well it's just the way it works out.