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It depends on the nature of the industry and the type of position. Nearly all part time jobs are hourly. This is because they have limited hours. Salary positions are ones are generally task orientated. You have to complete the task for satisfactory contribution. The hours may well exceed 40 in a week, but the end result is the only measurable.

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Do lawyers get paid by salary?

It depends entirely on who they are working for. Some get paid hourly, others get a salary, others get paid entirely by how much money they bring into the firm.

Is it a law that all salary employees are going to hourly pay?

No, it is not ... at least not without some qualifications.The US is changing its rules regarding exempt employees (the new rules go into effect December 1 2016), and employees at the low end of the salary range may no longer qualify for exempt status. So SOME salaried employees may be going to hourly pay (which among other things, means they will now be eligible for overtime pay).

Average salary of a guns sales man?

No national average. Some work on commission, some work on salary, some work on hourly wage.

How do you calculate an hourly rate into an annual salary?

How to calculate and hourly rate into an annual salary?The answer to this question will depend on what is meant by annual salary.The annual salary earned by an hourly employee is calculated by:Annual salary = (hourly rate) x (hours worked)But hourly employees often receive time and a half for each hour after the fortieth hour every week. So the calculation should be:Annual salary = ((hourly rate) x (hours worked)) + ((hourly rate x 1.5) x (overtime hours worked))However, to convert an hourly rate to an equivalent annual salary for comparison is much more difficult as we must make many assumptions. So, assuming no overtime and some unpaid leave, since there are 52 weeks in the year and assuming a 40 hour work week there are 2080 workable hours a year. But since most companies in the US observe about 5 corporate holidays we lose 40 hours thus there are:(Annual hours) - (corporate holidays) = workable hourse.g. 2080 - 40 = 2040 (Workable hours) - (leave hours) = hours workede.g. 2040 - 80 = 1960 So the hourly employee can expect an annual salary ofHours worked x hourly rate = annual salarye.g. (1960) x ($10) = $19,600.00 But for a true comparison we need to account for the fact that permanent employees receive benefits that most hourly employees do not. So assuming that a permanent employee receives a benefits package valued at 18% of gross annual pay (this may vary widely).(Annual salary) - 18% = Adjusted annual salarye.g. ((1960 x $10) * 0.82) = $16,070.00 However, an independent hourly contractor may receive some tax benefits that are not available to permanent employees. Thus an accurate calculation depends on knowing the values for many variables.Take the hourly rate you are getting, multiply this by the number of hours you work each week, then multiply this by the number of weeks you work each year.If yo get paid leave treat this a working time in the calculation above.

How much does FedEx pay a hour?

FedEx pays employees on a very competitive scale based on current market. The pay really varies on what position you hold within the company. Some are hourly based positions and some are salary based positions.

What is formula to calculate annually salary to hourly salary for part time employees?

Estimate how many days an employee works, and how many hours per day; divide the anual salary by that. You may want to do some additional adjustments, for example due to the fact that an employee paid by the hour wouldn't get some of the additional benefits that your permanent staff gets, but that's the basic idea.

How much do you get paid if you are a computer programmer?

Like all jobs, this can vary. Some programmers work for free, or small amounts of money. Some work hourly, and others by salary. Some by comission. The pay can be very little, or it can be millions, depending on the project.

Are all employees paid by the hour?

Some employees are paid by the hour, and other employees earn a salary. This means they are paid weekly or monthly but the number of hours may vary. Their pay is the same. Government workers and teachers are paid a salary.

Do truck rentals charge hourly?

Truck rental fees vary by provider. Some charge strictly hourly, while others charge hourly plus mileage. Others may only charge daily rates like the average car rental company.

What is a pharmacy technician salary?

The pay ranges from $20,000, $30,000 annually. Some get higher pay with the education to about $40,000. Others get paid hourly between $10 and $17. Seems a little low to me.

Why some employees are good performers compare to others?

some employees perform better then others because they care about there job. and take it seriously then other's that don't take it seriously and are lazy.

What are the sources of office employees?

Companies get office employees from different sources. Some contract with temp agencies to supply employees. Others hire employees directly from the classifieds.

There is no salary increase across-the-board?

The hike might be intended for a certain group or designations..It is not a flat salary hike for all the employees..there might be some excemptions..

Why are some people paid per hour and others a salary?

Typically, but not always, it has to do with whether the job is exempt from the requirements of overtime pay. Generally speaking, jobs that are management, professional, IT related, etc. are exempt and are typically paid salary. Laborers, manufacturing and construction workers, administrative workers, etc., are typically paid hourly and are eligible for overtime.

What are some of the key job caused origins of employee alienation?

Because of low salary rates,.some employees are encourage to work abroad.This is the main reason why some employees alienated to other countries to find a greener pasture.

Do employers have to pay time and a half to employees who work Sunday but have less than 25 hrs?

Yes - providing they are hourly employees and are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act. This Act basically exempts some employees who receive a lot of money per hour.

Do a nail salon pay employee by comission or wages?

depending on where u work commission can be around 45% n up average about 60% some salons do both commission & salary if they make over salary u give them commission if they make under its just the set salary. salon owners would not give a nail employee this salary amount if they didn't think they could reach it majority of the weeks...give or take some slow weeks out of the year. but salary is usually close to the commission split. all nail employees also get to keep all their tips. in training or some salons will pay hourly. which can range in an average of $8-$10 an hour.

Can a New York employer offer benefits to only some employees and not others?

yes you can

You are an employer and have an employee who is paid salary now and you want to move him to hourly due to the fact that he has some non-work related issues that are affecting his accountability?

This is not a question...

What is the salaries of a defense Lawyer?

They typically are not paid a salary. They collect fees from clients or the state if they are court appointed. Their hourly rates differ. Some may charge a flat fee.

What are the earnings of a jeweler?

Jewelers are paid in a few different ways. Some jewelers earn an annual salary, while others are paid an hourly wage. Retail jewelers may work on commission, which means they earn a percentage of the profits from the merchandise they sell. The median annual income for jewelers is about $30,000.

What should I expect when working at a phlemotomy job?

The daily responmsibilities of a phlebotomist are collecting and analising blood samples. It is a lab job and pays a decent hourly wage and in some cases salary.

Under which type of plan can employees delay getting some of their salary with the deferred money going into an account that will not be taxed until it is distributed?

401 (k)

What is the salary for an educational assistant in British Columbia?

It depends on the individual school district within the province, but it is between $22.00-$26.00. Some districts do not have distinct pay scales, and what you start at is what your pay is, while others have you work up to your full hourly rate in increments of time worked. Some districts offer additional pay in lieu of offering benefits.

Is it right for some employees with the same job description to get overtime while others don't?

No, overtime rules should equally apply to all employees with the same employee status.