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Some people don't have enough money to pay their bills.

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Q: Why do some people fear paying bills?
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Did Obama pay people bills?

No, this is an internet scam, from some people who are trying to steal your personal information. The president is not paying your bills, so do not respond to this scam.

What are some reasons why financial health is a problem in the US?

Some reasons why are because people are paying back student loans and people have to pay for bills and we are in a recession.

How would the sponserd money would be used?

It would be best to get some new gear or paying your bills if you have to pay bills

can I get temporary assistance if my bills fell behind ?

If my car broke down in my bills have got behind I dont have no way of paying them cause I don't have the funding and just went threw a divorce could I get a grant or help. can i get temporary assistance if my bills are behind? can i get some assistance with my bills help paying telephone bill

Is President Obama really paying bills today?

No, not today, and not any other day. This is an online scam. If you take part in it, you will be asked for personal information like your bank account, and then the scammers will be able to get access to it. The president is not handing out money for paying bills, but some people who want to steal your identity hope you will believe that he is. There is no truth to it.

Importants of bill paying?

People must pay their bills because it is the amount of money they owe to certain companies for the services they have provided. Failure to pay their bills will cause the services to be shut off, and, in some occurrences, people's belongings may be reprocessed in order to pay off the debt.

I'm a 67-year-old man living on $930 a month and need help paying bills. Am I eligible for some type of assistance?

I am a 67-year-old man living on $930 a month and need help paying bills. Am I eligible for some type of assistance?

Why do people blame the repo man for them not paying their bills and he is just doing his or her job?

People get upset with the man who repossesses their cars because they are of value to them. Some individuals may have lost their jobs and now have to get rid of their automobiles.

Which companies are safe to use to pay bills online?

On this website ( it has some info about companies you can pay bills to. I prefer

Do you drown because of fear?

Some people fear a lot while in water. Some people do not fear at all. I am the one latter mentioned therefore, i do not drown because of fear.

Why did some people fear monopolies while others supported them?

why did some people fear monoplies while others supported them

How can some people scam you by calling your phone?

People can scam you by calling your phone in many different ways. Some ways you can be scammed by this include paying fake bills to fake companies, international phone calls that can cost over $2000 per minute and more.