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Why do some people give sarcastic answers to good and logical questions about football?

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pretty much because they are ignorant and dont know the right answer but want others to think they know

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What term means a logical way to find answers to questions?

I suggest slightly different wording of the question: What is the term for a logical way to find answers to questions? Investigation (or as a verb: to investigate) Reasoning (to reason)

How did the Greeks Believe they could find answers to questions about the world?

Through observation and logical inquiry.

What kinds of questions are asked on IIT JEE?

Logical questions are asked to find the mentality of the interviewees. Based in his answers the interviewers will calculate his talent. Some physical questions also asked there.

Where is black money of Pakistan tell address?

This is insane question and Wiki Answers doesn't respond to such questions. Kindly post rational and logical questions so that they are responded.

Do any of you actually give correct or logical answers?

The vast majority of the questions that are answered are answered correctly. If you are aware of answers that are clearly wrong, you can make the corrections. Or you can contact a supervisor and ask them to make the correction.

What happens when someone can logically answer a question better then you guys can?

If someone can logically answer a question better than we can, the answer may be rejected and replaced by someone else's answer. The people answering your questions, do a lot of research to give you logical answers to your questions.

How old is a 8 month old hamster in human years?

Well, seeing since you have obviously measured the Hamster in Human years already, it is 2/3 years old (8 months). Please ask logical questions that don't make it look like you have a miniscule ability to determine answers to logical questions.

What words of metaphysics are meaningless if Carnap is right?

Rudolf Carnap was a prominent logical empiricist or logical positivist. He argued that all metaphysical problems are pseudo problems (particularly the problem of realism vs. idealism). This is because statements are meaningful if and only if they are verifiable, which means that the meaning of a statement is given by the conditions of its verification. Metaphysical (ontological) statements are not verifiable. He later distinguished between a metaphysical systems "internal questions" and "external questions." While the former are genuine questions whose answers can be determined either by empirical or logical means, the latter are pseudo-questions. .

What is the logical way of solving a problem?

go on yahoo answers its there

Where do you get the answers on

based on personal experience or logical thinking or google

What are the answers to the logical fingerprint caper paper?

Larry Brown took ones

Logical questions that do not have answers?

I define that as any question that makes sense to ask, but admits of no realistic possibility of ever finding an answer. Therefore, questions like, "How does Santa Claus get to every house in a night?" do not count, as it makes no sense to ask. Also, questions like, "What is the three trillionth digit of pi?" do not count, as such could be found if we really wanted to. Probably the grandfather of all such "Logical questions that do not have answers" is this: "Why is there existence, rather than non-existence?" More simply, "Why is there something, rather than nothing?" Less dramatic are such questions as, "Which state was admitted into the Union first, North or South Dakota?" It makes sense to ask it, but as the official covered the papers with his hand, and died with the secret, we'll never actually know.

Contact phone number for david boreanaz?

Come on be logical about the questions you ask

What is the logical and systematic way of answering science questions?

It is logical to answer science questions by using your knowledge of science to answer only those questions to which you actually know the answer, and by answering them as accurately as you can without becoming so technical that your reader would have trouble understanding you. If I wanted to be systematic in answering science questions I would just answer them in the order in which they were asked.

Where can you get answers about the book To Kill a Mockingbird?

The most logical answer would be simply to read the book.

Causes of amnesia?

There is being clonked on the head, it can be a side affect to a medicine, and, I don't have anymore answers... ... ... well... at least... no logical answers... : l

Why does nobody answer the more logical questions instead of answering the obvious ones?

It's easier.

When does Taurus constellation first appear in the sky?

The question makes no sense. Do you mean when does it rise, when did the stars in it begin to shine, or when was it first called Taurus? The answers to these three questions are very different, and the answer to the first... which is the most logical choice... depends on where you are and what season it is.

Why do the police interrogate the hero in Slumdog Millionaire?

Because it makes no logical sense that an uneducated kid from the slums would know the answers to the questions in the show. Jamal makes a living by providing tea to people in a call center, so has no education at all. This is the key point in the movie... he knows the answers because of his varied life experience.

Why do authors ask a series of questions in a paragraph?

rhetorical questions set-up the theme of the bookto show a train of thoughtperform a logical deduction in narrative

Why the ending of the last leaf is not logical?

logical is logical but the logical is not logical but tne not logical is logical..

Why is logical reasoning problematic in the field of ethics?

One apparent obstacle to this process is that logical reasoning, at least at first glance, does not seem to lead different people to the same ethical conclusions and answers.

What types of questions are asked on IQ tests?

There are many different types of questions asked on an IQ test. Some of these types include math, verbal analogies, patterns, classification, visual, spatial, and logical questions.

How much are pizza?

I recommend checking your grammar, because most people need complete logical sentences to answer questions.

Can fireflies text?

Please ask logical questions oh yeah, i just got a text from one right now!!

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