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Why do some people like to be lonely?

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I dont think anyone WANTS to be lonely, I think that they dont want to deal with others on a social level, maybe they werent brought up in a positive home and are worried about what everyone will think, so its easier to avoid people then deal. ----- I agree, but it is important to be aware of the difference between wanting to be alone, and being lonely. Some people are quite happy to be alone at various times, but most people need friendship and company some of the time. Those unfortunate in their loneliness may lack social skills that usually develop in early childhood, and may just be too shy or introverted to put themselves in a situation where they may fear rejection.

2009-07-07 14:10:28
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Q: Why do some people like to be lonely?
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Why do lonely people like cats?

They like cats as they are intelligent and a good friend for them not to be lonely.

Why do some people have a lonely Christmas?

Some people have a lonely Christmas because they may not have any family or friends to celebrate with. It is also possible to be lonely even with other people if the individual feels as though they are alone or not understood.

How many people are lonely in the world?

everyone is to some degree.

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What is someone that doesn't like to be alone?

Monophobia is the fear of being alone. Also, people who get lonely easily or who are lonely a lot of the time often don't like to be alone.

How many people are lonely?

That's a stupid question. That's like asking ow many people are happy, you cant calculate it. someone may be happy or sad or lonely right now, they will get over it. you cant take a vote on how many people are lonely. ; /

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People like play with because they nothing else to do or they are lonely.

What is it like to be an artist?

Lonely at the top. People often forget you and fame is fickle.

Why are cats for lonely people?

they are lonely too but you can talk to them

Do elderly people get lonely?

all the time since they can't be active they have feeling where they become lonely and want to have some fun (thats not hurting them)

What is the japanese word for 'lonely'?

lonely: sabishiilonely place: hitozatohanaretalonely people: kankaLonely=Kodoku"Sabishii" or "Samishii"Both are acceptable, depending on dialect.

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Cuz she likes some one but he doesnt like her back...

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well people dont like being loney to much

Songs like Lonely people by beetles?

I think you mean "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles.

Why people have pets?

they are cudly Some people use them for the feeling of protection or sometimes they feel lonely so they get them. I myself have a dog and I got him because i love animals. :) Oh and by the way the cuddly is spelled like this not like this cudly.

When was The Hearts of Lonely People created?

The Hearts of Lonely People was created on 202009-04-08.

Do people really kill because they are lonely?

Anything is possible in human behavior but to kill because you are lonely would be extremely rare. Perhaps someone who does is lonely due to some type of personality disorder which would be the real reason that a lonely person kills someone.

Do lonely rich women like poor guys?

Yes, some rich women do like poor guys.

Why do you feel lonely?

You feel lonely because people are being terribly rude and exclude you.If you want to stop being lonely, I recommend socializing with people and trying not to be alone.

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According to Time Magazine people spend money because they feel lonely.

Why do people have to have pets?

It offers some of the benefits of having a child, without the extra responsibility. Sometimes, people get them because they are lonely.

What is the importance of sociolization in society?

some people dont want to be lonely in life so they talk to people to get that fear passed them

Did the Beatles write a song called Look at all the Lonely People?

This is a part of the lyric chorus from the Beatles 1966 song, Eleanor Rigby. The chorus is: "All the lonely people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Where do they all belong? Ahh, look at all the lonely people (x2)"

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