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Why do some people talk and walk in their sleep?


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== == The person has difficulty going into a full REM sleep (deep sleep).

== ==


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Many people talk or mumble during sleep. But very few people actually sleep walk. The two things are not connected.

Answer:Usually when someone sleep talks, they're in a deep sleep. Most of the time, when you sleep-talk, your not really talking; it's not a language. Like talking like a baby. When people sleep-talk, usually they don't make sense.Sometimes when people sleep-talk, they MAY sleep-walk. Some people do this when there in love, had a nightmare, or just to do something. No particular reason sometimes.

beg, eat, sleep, talk, walk.

Some dogs sleep walk. When they sleep walk it is because they are scared.

Sleep walk is just like sleep talking, except you are walking. When you sleep talk you are walking in your sleep. You do not have the slightest hint that you are sleep walking. For you are in deep sleep.

talk, sleep, eat, walk, ride, fall, are, wed, carry, cook, look, see, brush

club, and

yes, some people get off their bed and walk around without remembering that they did.

And the Answer Is...A river. A river runs but doesn't walk and has a mouth but doesn't talk. The full riddle is as follows:What can run but cannot walkHas a mouth but cannot talkHas a head but cannot weepHas a bed but cannot sleep?

there is:

Sleep Walk was created in 1959.

they can eat, talk, walk.

Once you learn to shutup!!

What can run but cannot walkHas a mouth but cannot talkHas a head but cannot weepHas a bed but does not sleep?The answer is...A river.

I walk,talk,eat,sleep and cry with him every day in my life.

maybe because girls might be more shy then the boy trying to talk to her some girls might just walk up to the boy and talk herself

Well, it depends if the infant or toddler can walk. If they can walk, then they can sleep walk. If they can crawl, then its physically they can sleep crawl. Hopefully, they will be secured in a crib so that you can prevent this from happening.

You get cold, people talk about you and at some point, the nice policeman takes you in to be examined.

yeah According to my husband's doctor Ambien can be highly addicting in some people. Also according to my doctor some people can sleep walk really badly, including sometimes going out of their house and driving their car in their sleep. So I chose not to take it.

Talk the talk means that you make verbal claims about your abilities. Walk the walk means that you can actually back up the claims with proof of your abilities. For example if I say: I'm the best poker player in this room. I am talking the talk. And when I win the casino's poker tournament, I am walking the walk. I have made a verbal boastful claim, and then I have backed up that claim with proof of my abilites by winning the tournament. Lots of people talk the talk (most of the time this is know as trash-talking) but few people can actually walk the walk (back up those claims with proof of their skills).

"Talk the talk" is usually contrasted with "walk the walk." It means to manage the vocabulary of a task without being able to perform it. For example: The Bush Administration talks the talk of Conservative government but it does not walk the walk.

Silent treatment, dont eat, dont sleep, dont talk, she walks in you walk out....etc

The phrase "walk the walk and talk the talk" basically means to practice what you preach. It means that if you say something thing you should be able to back it up with actions. For example if someone says they are really good at playing basketball (talk the talk) then they better be able to prove it (walk the walk).

A sleep disorder can be many things, all that affect either how quickly a person goes to sleep, if they move about (sleep walk, sleep talk, ect.) while asleep, if they wake up easily / often, or if they sleep too much. An eating disorder comes in two main forms. There are the EDs in which people have unhealthy relationships and habits with food in desparate and dangerous attempts to lose weight. And there are the EDs in which people over-eat or compulsively eat, even when they are not hungry.

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